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The Lounge>What's your level of Tinnitus
Hog's Gone Fishin 04:44 PM 08-09-2019
I've had Tinnitus for years. Being around squealing Hogs and lots of firearms. Going into a sow barn with 700 sows screaming for food at the same time is the equivalent of being right in a jet engine.

But whats weird is that I'd say on a scale of 1-10 my tinnitus level was always around a 4-5.

Since I sold my farm I have no issues with loud noise but about 3 months afterwards my tinnitus jumped straight to a level 10.

I don't understand why and there's no fix. It could surely drive a weak person insane but that's not me. When I lay down at night it's horrible !!!! and i can't sleep with a radio on to mask the noise so it really sux!

And yeah I've watched all the youtube doctors that show you to beat on your head in various spots and it don't solve the problem.

There's got to be an answer. Why can the medical community figure this shit out!!!!!

65TPT 01:37 AM 08-10-2019
I don't hear shit.

But I have heard, shit is very quiet.
Nickhead 01:42 AM 08-10-2019
never had it, or could hear it until about three years ago. now, if the decible level in the lounge room exceeds a certain level (family tea nights, upwards of 8 people), i can't sit in the same room. it's unfair of me to ask them to be quiet, so i cook for them, then i go to the office.

in the car, i have to ask for quiet. which for my wife is hard to do :-)

at work, in the workshop, if more than one grinder is going, i HAVE to wear ear plugs. and that is more than 20 feet away from the grinders.

water from the shower stall hitting the tiles hurts my ears.

and our staffies bark... fuck me dead. :-)

on a normal day, in a quiet house, i sit on average, a 4. but, it's all dependent on the surroundings. (it never bothers me while sleeping, as the wife always is watching a show, but even then i have to ask her to turn it down quite often.)
Frazod 01:49 AM 08-10-2019
Years ago, before news of the benefits of hearing protection reached rural northern Missouri, I went out shooting with my dad one day. We were primarily shooting a .357, and probably put a couple of hundred rounds through it. After that, my ears rang nonstop for months. Eventually it went away, but my hearing was never the same after that, and it's only gotten worse. I don't know if that's tinnitus or not, but I've been told that when your ears ring like that it's basically part of your eardrum dying, and after it stops you'll never hear anything in that particular sound range again.

Now, if I'm in a place with a lot of background noise, like a bar, I basically can't hear anything anybody says unless they're talking right in my ear. People probably think I'm an asshole because I don't talk much when I go out, but I just can't hear them, and long ago tired of leaning across the table yelling "WHAT?" over and over.

Also, I may be an asshole regardless of hearing loss. Opinions vary. :-)
Nickhead 02:23 AM 08-10-2019
in my garage, everything with a motor, i have to wear hearing protection...

vacuum, i can't do it. we have kids that don't pay rent, so they can do it instead :-)

even stacking empty bottles for recycle, too loud. again, kids, money, recycling. :-)
Nickhead 02:24 AM 08-10-2019
I hear alcohol makes it worse :sheepishgrin:
Hog's Gone Fishin 03:57 AM 08-10-2019
I'm kinda leaning towards Rainmans theory that all the waves from the devices and wifi we have around us have something to do with part of it. I basically got away from all the loud noise exposure in November of 2017 and about 3 months later it goes from level 5 straight to level 10 .

Was 2018 when they started this 5G stuff?
Sweet Daddy Hate 05:52 AM 08-10-2019
Years of playing drums and being around loud amps got me. I've got about 20% loss in my left ear, and 10% loss in my right ear.

Not too bad but still pretty annoying. My tinnitus sounds like locusts singing in the summer time at sunset. Maybe that's why it doesn't bother me that much. That's a pretty cool sound.
Coyote 06:31 AM 08-10-2019
Originally Posted by wazu:
I only notice it when somebody brings it up. So thanks.
Same here
Coyote 06:46 AM 08-10-2019
Originally Posted by Sweet Daddy Hate:
Years of playing drums and being around loud amps got me. I've got about 20% loss in my left ear, and 10% loss in my right ear.

Not too bad but still pretty annoying. My tinnitus sounds like locusts singing in the summer time at sunset. Maybe that's why it doesn't bother me that much. That's a pretty cool sound.
4000 hz range? Same kind of loss here but a little more pronounced. We seem to fit the pattern for noise induced loss. My case was probably jet engines. Flight lines, ships, flying, etc. catch 22: wear hearing protection besides flight helmet, couldn’t hear radio calls clearly. No double hearing protection and do my job better - live with loss and tinnitus.....
stumppy 06:51 AM 08-10-2019
When I wake up in the morning it's nowhere near as bad as it is by bedtime.

This morning it's at about a 2-3 level and I can barely hear the cicadas. By the time I go to bed it's a solid 7 and the cicadas are screeching constantly.
IowaHawkeyeChief 07:03 AM 08-10-2019
Originally Posted by Imon Yourside:
I had a bad case back in January probably a 9 to 10. The only thing I've found that works is to mix olive and garlic in a little dropper bottle. Drop 1 or 2 in each ear every night before bed and eventually the ringing goes away.
It doubles as vampire repellent as well...:-)

Mine is about a 4, Cicadas, but 100 yards away, but doesn't bother me too bad unless I think about it.
Coyote 07:39 AM 08-10-2019
Originally Posted by TrebMaxx:
4 years of Field Artillery when I was in my 20's has my ears ringing now that I am in my 50's. I have some hearing loss as well as the ringing. I can still hear some tones with no problem but others just aren't there anymore. Looks like I will be able to get around 20% VA disability which is only about a hundred bucks but I will take it. Just waiting for it to clear at the VA but my advisor says artillery vets usually get that. Plus when I am ready to accept my aging I can get free hearing aids.

10% - 20% (No Dependents)
Percentage Rate
10% $140.05
20% $276.84

Tinnitus is most commonly rated at 10%. It is the most frequent VA disability rating given.

Though your former service’s department may cover the VA rating as well through the CRSC/CRDP programs, if it applies to your status.

VA disability math is weird. I was recently moved from 70% to 100%. Tinnitus May have been an early indicator.
FlaChief58 07:57 AM 08-10-2019
Mine is mild, maybe a 2-3. My wife's is so bad she has a hard time understanding people with a certain pitch in their voice.
oldman 08:44 AM 08-10-2019
Mine varies from mildly annoying to to a full blown train yard. One of my jobs early in my telco life was to monitor inter-office trunks and that required plugging your headset in the monitor jack. Mind you was pre-digital transmission so all the gain was set manually. You don't want to plug into one that should be set at 1.5 and somebody missed the dot and set it to 15.
TLO 10:38 AM 08-10-2019
Originally Posted by Chief Roundup:
I am a 0
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