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The Lounge>Personal finance and investing megathread extravaganza
DaFace 11:23 AM 06-27-2016
I know lewdog (and maybe others) have mentioned the desire to have a place to chat about personal finance stuff. We'll see if there's enough interest to keep this going in the long-term, but at least for now, here's a place to chat about whatever personal finance topics come up.

If you're just getting started thinking about saving and don't know where to begin,
this flow chart can help. Ask for advice in the thread for more help!
EPodolak 09:47 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by Hog's Gone Fishin:
I've become a big believer in mutual funds just for this reason. I've tried day trading and it's not a winning proposition. Individual stocks are just too volatile and pot luck at best. I only own two individual stocks at this time and I'm a lot happier knowing while I'm out fishing somebody else is managing my portfolio and that's how they earn their money

...but I get it. Buy and hold threads aren't any fun OTOH.
Hammock Parties 10:07 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by petegz28:
Not from what I have seen. You can name call all you want but from what I have seen you post on here you seem to get your ass kicked a lot.
Simply not true.

I lost money on IQ LAST YEAR and lewdog likes to raz me about IBIO...despite the fact I made a shit ton of money on it...and am currently in the green on...and waiting for it to go nuclear.

So put up or shut up. I'll be waiting...
jerryaldini 10:07 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by jerryaldini:
SPX nearly back to 3000. Large cap growth has nearly completely recovered. Fortunately I've been mostly large growth for years. Only down 5 percent from the peak. Meanwhile old economy value and small caps still 15 to 20 percent below their highs. They should continue to lead on the up days now (financials, energy, industrials, transports, materials). Good time to reallocate toward value and mid and small. Also taking the opportunity to take off some overall stock risk and buy corp bonds where credit spreads are still wide. Feel like I dodged a bullet.
This was spot on. Value and small are killing it. Rotating factors is strategic, unlike buying individual stocks.
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