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Buehler445 08:14 PM 05-20-2019
Now that it's all said and all done, what are your most memorable scenes from the show? There is a lot to draw from, I'm interested in what impacted you the most.
Discuss Thrower 01:58 PM 05-25-2019
What would have been a quite memorable moment wound up on the cutting room floor:

lcarus 01:37 AM 05-26-2019
The battle of Black Water was awesome.
ThaVirus 06:28 PM 05-26-2019
Ah, so many great moments. It's a shame the quality dipped so dramatically later on because it was truly a 10/10 for quite some time.

This is the bathhouse scene between Jaime and Brienne.

At this point Jaime's lost his hand and really started opening up to Brienne. He had admitted to the reasoning behind killing the Mad King a couple times prior to this- once to Bobby B and Barristan Selmy and then to Qyburn- but this whole monologue has so much more emotion.

I particularly like when he talks about how Ned Stark had judged him guilty the moment he laid eyes on him in the throne room. "By what right does the wolf judge the lion?" Kind of harkens back to an earlier spiel of Jaime's in which he talks about all the oaths you're sworn to as a knight and how it's basically impossible to honor them all without forsaking another.

This one is Oberyn visiting Tyrion pre-trial telling him he'll be his champion.

I like this one because it starts off pretty ordinarily. Oberyn starts off the conversation with a story about visiting Casterly Rock as a child and being disappointed with actually seeing Tyrion for the first time. He was promised a monster and only saw a baby. It's hilarious because here's Oberyn Martell, one of the Lannister's most dangerous enemies, and he's basically the only person in the country who treats Tyrion like an actual human being.

Moreover, I hadn't read the books at this point so I had no idea where this visit was going. He switches gears after Tyrion claims "If you're looking for justice, you've come to the wrong place". Oberyn disagrees, says he's come to the perfect place.. Idk, something about the conviction when he says he's basically about to fuck everything up starting with The Mountain. Cool moment, even if it doesn't really work out as intended.

This is the third name scene with Jaqen H'ghar.

Basically, Jaqen has killed a couple people for Arya and is demanding she give him the final name. She finesses him by naming himself in order to get his help in escaping Harrenhal. It's more funny than anything. He gets so distraught when he hears his own name. "Unname me".. "NO".. "Please". Then she agrees to unname him and the look of relief on his face is hilarious.

I like all of the scenes with Jaqen in Harrenhal. He was mysterious and suave. His badassness stood out which is saying a lot in a show with guys like Khal Drogo and Oberyn Martell. He wasn't nearly as intriguing in the House of Black and White.
ThaVirus 06:43 PM 05-26-2019

This is a scene of Tywin schooling Joffrey. You can't talk about the most memorable moments of GoT without including one with Tywin Lannister.

This is also just a hilarious scene. At some point prior to this interaction, Tywin and Cersei are talking in private. Tywin basically asks why she hasn't brought Joffrey to heel. She essentially admits that she can't and challenges him to do it: "Why don't you try stopping him from doing what he likes". He looks up from his quill and paper so seriously and he's just like "I will". Charles Dance is just incredible as Tywin.

Anyway, so this scene is basically just him G checking Joffrey. It's awesome watching that little shit squirm as Tywin shows him who's truly the most powerful man in Westeros. Bonus points for the small council scene when Tywin sends him to bed at like 2 PM lol
BigRichard 07:25 PM 05-27-2019
Some of the best 8 minutes in the show... The Hound wants some chicken

Baby Lee 08:09 PM 05-27-2019
Any more words come pouring out your cunt mouth, I'm gonna have to eat every fucking chicken in this room.
comochiefsfan 08:17 PM 05-27-2019
The most brutal death was easily when D&D massacred the whole show.
comochiefsfan 08:18 PM 05-27-2019
Originally Posted by Urc Burry:
I don’t expect this to be anybody else’s favorite. But I always loved this scene. And the following conversation. So powerful

And then they ruined their relationship within 6 episodes after that.
Bowser 09:02 PM 05-27-2019
Yeah, it's fresh on our minds, but this music just MADE that entire episode

Demonpenz 09:08 PM 05-27-2019
that one scene with the traveling play and her tits.
OnTheWarpath15 05:08 PM 05-28-2019
Originally Posted by DJ's left nut:
You don't realize it until you know it, but that's one of only 2 times in the entire series that the score features a piano.

The other time is when Arya kills the Night King (and that montage leading up to it).

I cannot say enough about the music in this series. The acting was oftentimes good, sometimes very good and sometimes shite. The cinematography was the best ever seen on television. The storytelling was great until it wasn't anymore.

But I believe the soundtrack made as big a mark in this series as anything. It was truly incredible.
If they are in a town near any of you this fall, I highly recommend seeing the GOT Live Concert Experience.
Stryker 06:35 AM 05-29-2019
Thought this was a nice compilation of cool moments...

Easy 6 01:35 PM 08-18-2019
Finally got to binge the last season yesterday with the bi-annual free HBO weekend

Gotta say I'm not as outraged about the ending as others, should Jon Snow have been king? Of course, I didnt care for him being banished to the north but it didnt RUIN the entire season for me either

Memorable moments...

My eyes got genuinely misty during Tyrion and Jaime's final scene together, I was feeling it... great acting

The Mountain and the Hounds fight was incredible, very well done

Getting to finally see Maisie Williams (briefly) nekked was cool :-)

Cersei was such a cunt, but I'm glad Jaime was there for her at the end

The battle of Winterfell episode was great, but too damn dark

I'm surely forgetting something, but thats a decent starter list... all in all I was pretty satisfied with the final season
keg in kc 01:58 PM 08-18-2019
You know what just hit me? Season 8 left me with nothing all that memorable. Brienne's knighting is I think the only scene that really sticks out in my mind. Otherwise, it kind of just...was. And I don't really care that it ended.

Kinda sad.
Frazod 02:39 PM 08-18-2019
The last great episode was the lead up to the Battle of Winterfell. After that, it just went off the rails; slowly at first, but by the end, completely. The promise of the books and the earlier seasons just drained away, like someone bleeding out after a gut shot.

I don't even think about it now. I never hear anybody talk about it. I have no interest in what any of the actors involved do next. Don't care of Martin ever finishes the books, and I have no plans to buy them if he does.
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