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View Poll Results: What is the Chiefs weakest position group heading into the regular season?
LB 45 32.37%
CB 87 62.59%
RB 2 1.44%
Another position (I'll elaborate below) 5 3.60%
Voters: 139. You may not vote on this poll
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The Dumbass Lounge>What is the Chiefs weakest position group heading into the regular season?
TLO 04:35 PM 08-22-2019
I'll create a poll and we can discuss down below.
Easy 6 05:02 PM 08-22-2019
Originally Posted by Detoxing:
TE is a position, as a group, that woefully lacks depth.
TEX 05:05 PM 08-22-2019
Mama Hip Rockets 05:25 PM 08-22-2019
Why would anyone vote for RB or TE, LOL. GTFOH.

P.S. Sorry for all the acronyms.
BWillie 05:31 PM 08-22-2019
Linebacker - but it's close. Definitely not RB. RB does not matter.

The Chiefs could literally make me their running back, and they would only lose like 2 more games.
Bump 05:33 PM 08-22-2019
I think LB is the weakest. It could end up being a competent unit with all of the changes to the D, but we'll see.
Hammock Parties 05:35 PM 08-22-2019
beat writer
Chief Roundup 05:53 PM 08-22-2019
Originally Posted by TLO:
I think the TE thing is way overblown. Bell or Yelder can give you the production that Harris has over the past few years. (Really any TE in football can do that) As long as Kelce stays healthy, I don't see it as an issue.

If Kelce goes down we're just as fucked as we were with Harris on the team.
I haven't heard any real update on Yelder but right now we have Kelce and Bell, that is it.
lewdog 05:54 PM 08-22-2019

And chicken sandwiches.
Chief Roundup 05:54 PM 08-22-2019
Originally Posted by kcclone:
Ha ok. TE may not be deep, but we have the best starting group in the league.
Group :-) We have Kelce and damn near A, singular, dude off the street.
Jewish Rabbi 05:57 PM 08-22-2019
BossChief 05:59 PM 08-22-2019
Most of our CBS are UDFAs with little or no experience.
TLO 06:16 PM 08-22-2019
Dolphins looking to go 0-16?

Ooops wrong thread
Why Not? 06:19 PM 08-22-2019
Can’t be TE, guys. When you have the best player in the league at a position, no way that position group can be the weak spot on a team. Kelce brings the average of everyone else(Bell, Yelder, Lovett, Ned McGee or whoever)up so high it makes up for the lack of depth. It’s LB and I’m not sure it’s close.
Buckweath 06:20 PM 08-22-2019
People saying TE are clueless. I guess they are the same which were clamoring for Kyle Rudolph which never made any sense.

I expect the LBs to be below-average but behind what projects to be a top dline I don't think it will hurt the defense that much. There is a chance too that the group is decent.

The CBs IMO could be decent but could also ruin this team. After Fuller, it is all unknown and injury concerns.

If Veach was to add a good CB, I'd be banging the table that's almost a guaranteed presence at the SB.

All in all, CBs are by far the biggest concern IMO.
keg in kc 06:23 PM 08-22-2019
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