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Amnorix 03:03 PM 08-19-2019
I learned today for the first time that a remake of the awesome book (and decidedly less awesome early 80s movie) Dune is being made, and is currently in post-production with a release date of December 18, 2020.

The cast includes many I don't know, but the ones I do know seem excellent for their roles. It's damn near a Marvel reunion...

Jason Mamoa as Duncan Idaho (the swordmaster of House Atreides)

Josh Brolin as Gurney Halleck (weaponsmaster of House Atreides, played memorably (and surprisingly) by Patrick Stewart in the original movie

Stellan Skarsgard as Baron Harkonnen

Dave Bautista (better known as Drax the Destroyer) as "Beast" Rabban, the nephew of Harkonnen

The most critical guy -- the one playing Paul is unknown to me.

This film is also only going to cover the first half of the book, which is good. It's really not possible to cover the whole thing in one 2 or 3 hour movie.

Anyway -- I love the book and a really good film would be great. What say you about all this news? Or am I just the last to known (as would be typical, to be honest!)
Deberg_1990 06:22 AM 08-20-2019
I Guess there’s a 4 hour renegade cut of the 1984 movie. Anyone ever seen that?
Frazod 06:38 AM 08-20-2019
Originally Posted by Deberg_1990:
I Guess there’s a 4 hour renegade cut of the 1984 movie. Anyone ever seen that?
I assume it still has weirding modules and heart plugs, so no, I haven’t.

And you’d pretty much have to Clockwork Orange me to get me to watch it.

Roast in hell Lynch. :-)
Amnorix 07:28 AM 08-20-2019
Originally Posted by Frazod:
But how are they going to make Skarsgard believable as the Baron? In my mind's eye I've always pictured the Baron as an evil Orson Welles (his later years when he was fat as hell). Neither the abortion that was the '84 movie or the miniseries got him right.

Skarsgard has really good range. He was completely believable as a Russian apparatchik in Chernobyl, and remember that "Vladimir Harkonnen" was based, loosely, on a harshly named Soviet-style ruthless dictator type. If they can make Gary Oldman look like Winston Churchill in his fatter years (though not as morbidly obese as Harkonnen needs to be) then I'm pretty certain they can get Skarsgard there visually. I'm pretty confident in the casting here.

But yeah, we have no reason for real confidence until we see it and it proves itself. It's just a tough story to "get right" on the screen. Lord of the Rings was no worse, though, and Jackson pulled it off pretty damn well. There's stuff about it I dislike, but on balance, he did a helluva job. Let's keep our fingers crossed for a similar result with Dune.
Amnorix 07:31 AM 08-20-2019
Originally Posted by keg in kc:
The mini-series on sci-fi was good, so it's doable.

It may just be like so many other novels: there's too much to cover in 2-3 hours.


Which I quite like. Not shouting above, just want to make sure everyone knows this, because it's pretty f'ing important in my mind. There's just no way to do it in 3 hours even.
listopencil 09:05 AM 08-21-2019
Originally Posted by burt:
1) The Stand-Steven King
2) The Second Son- Charles Sailor
3) Dune- Frank Herbert
4) Stranger in a Strange Land-Robert Heinlein

Not a bad list. I'm still waiting for a movie based on Starship Troopers to be made.
burt 09:26 AM 08-21-2019
Originally Posted by listopencil:
Not a bad list. I'm still waiting for a movie based on Starship Troopers to be made.
Lol. Great gratuitous nude scene!

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