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The Dumbass Lounge>***OFFICIAL 2019 Chiefs Training Camp Thread***
RealSNR 02:58 PM 07-23-2019
Tweets from

In the meantime, this gem from Andy Reid's press conference today:

Andy Reid was asked if he did anything fun or exotic this offseason: “I attacked a couple Chile rellenos.”

— Jeff Darlington (@JeffDarlington) July 23, 2019

RustShack 09:20 PM 07-23-2019
Chiefs ceiling: 16-0
Chiefs floor: 14-2

Oh and Super Bowl win either way. See you fuckers in Miami
Sweet Daddy Hate 09:36 PM 07-23-2019
For the 6th time; undefeated.
Sweet Daddy Hate 09:38 PM 07-23-2019
Originally Posted by CasselGotPeedOn:
That's terrible. I crashed my blimp the other day.
My Mothra went feral on me.
Buehler445 11:26 PM 07-23-2019
Originally Posted by chinaski:
I was in an airplane crash last night.

I am very happy to be alive to witness the Chiefs winning the Super Bowl this year.

Hug your loved ones.

WTF dude?

What kind of plane? What happened?

Glad you're still with us.
Tribal Warfare 02:34 AM 07-24-2019

#Chiefs' Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid talk WR Tyreek Hill's return

— Charles Goldman (@goldmctNFL) July 24, 2019

Sweet Daddy Hate 04:23 AM 07-24-2019
Originally Posted by Tribal Warfare:
Reasonably written. Scary!
Rasputin 04:30 AM 07-24-2019
Are we having a Chiefs Planet bash this year? I've always wanted to go.
ptlyon 06:34 AM 07-24-2019
Originally Posted by MMXcalibur:
One last time before I am wholly focused on 2019: **** the 2018 Chiefs defense and Grandpa Bob.

OK, now buckle up and hold on for one awesome season.
I forgot all about it right after the coin toss
oldman 06:54 AM 07-24-2019
I'd take a few less TD passes if it means our D is stepping up and forcing more 3 and outs. My contention is we would have won the AFCGC and the Rams game if we could get our D off the field and been able to grind it out on the ground. This shootout stuff is tough on an old man.
Hammock Parties 08:17 AM 07-24-2019
every time i see mahomes with this goofy grin on his face i can't help but smirk :-)

what a guy

pugsnotdrugs19 08:33 AM 07-24-2019
Not sure which weekend I’ll hit yet but I will be there....

Let the fiesta begin. CHIIIIIIEEEEEEEFS
Hammock Parties 11:07 AM 07-24-2019

Think Mahomes is excited Kelce is back? (Via: Chris Roush)

— The Kingdom (@MahomeSZN) July 24, 2019

Detoxing 11:17 AM 07-24-2019
Originally Posted by Hammock Parties:
Yelder so jelly.
MAHOMO 4 LIFE! 11:22 AM 07-24-2019
Originally Posted by Detoxing:
Yelder so jelly.
Yelder hasnít figured out that befriending Mahomes is the best choice. Look at Dieter
MAHOMO 4 LIFE! 11:23 AM 07-24-2019
Also Kelce just had ankle surgery. Come on Mahomes be smarter then that
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