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Media Center>All Things Video Games & Game Reviews Part II
Gonzo 10:39 AM 08-31-2015
Hey all, you know the deal...
The other thread hit over 1,000 posts and we have server issues when that shit happens so here she be, a fancy new mega thread.

Anyway, just a quick rundown.

Post anything and everything gaming in here. Console games, handheld/mobile games or PC.

Playing something you love or maybe hate? Find a hidden gem on Steam? Let us know via a review. Try to make sure you give a good rundown on it. Graphics, sound, storyline, overall gameplay and replayability. Let's keep it at a 1-10 scale.

Thanks to all that left me awesome rep comments/posts and even pm's thanking me for the many reviews I wrote.
Just an FYI, developers do read our comments in here I guess. CD Projekt Red (of Witcher 3) was one that stopped by.

Anyway, thanks all for your input and as always, no griefing.
ThaVirus 08:43 PM 08-12-2019
Originally Posted by Fish:
So I finally picked up Assassin's Creed: Odyssey last week. This game is pretty incredible. I haven't played Origins, but putting some time into Odyssey, I'll probably give that one a try as well.

Odyssey is so much fun. Hadn't played an AC game since AC:3. But I never finished that game because it had some seriously frustrating flaws. Odyssey is so much better in every way. And it's fucking huge. If you spent the time doing every side mission and exploring every location, it would take forever. The combat is lots of fun. The sailing is a blast. Straight up pirate mode where you're ramming/shooting other ships to damage them enough to board them and kill everyone and plunder their cargo. Your crew is singing pirate songs while you're cruising the seas, whales jumping in front of the ship, etc. You upgrade your boat/weapons/crew to fight bigger ships. The normal weapons modding/building/upgrading system is fun too.

This game is a blast guys. Never thought I'd enjoy it this much. It's worth it just for the exploration itself, just to see some of the cool Greek sites. And like Breath of the Wild, you can pretty much go anywhere in the map and approach quests however you like, taking full advantage of the atmosphere.

Highly recommend.
Origins is superior in most every way. If you love Odyssey, you'll enjoy Origins.
ThaVirus 08:45 PM 08-12-2019
I picked up Spider-Man on sale.

I really missed web swinging through the city ala the classic Spider-Man 2.

I'm a bit concerned though. When I load up the game it says it's 48% complete but basically nothing has happened in the main storyline.
ThaVirus 09:34 PM 08-28-2019
On paper I should have loved Spider-Man. It was really solid on a lot aspects.. but I didn't love it.
Simply Red 06:48 AM 08-29-2019

Imon Yourside 02:38 PM 08-29-2019
Originally Posted by Simply Red:
I don't even like zombie games but Dying light is something different, can't wait for this.
Gravedigger 02:48 PM 12-03-2019
Halo MC Collection and Halo Reach out today on Steam. I know what I'm doing this weekend!
Mecca 03:07 PM 12-03-2019
I picked up Ace Combat 7...waiting to try this thing out in VR....
Gravedigger 01:38 PM 12-04-2019
They're only releasing the Master Chief Collection in installments, first with Reach. Played the first three levels last night, good nostalgia factor.

Darksiders Genesis comes out tomorrow and has been getting good reviews from critics. Top down, diablo-esque this time around instead of third person behind the back. Enjoyed all three in one way or another so I'll pick this one up to continue the story.

Imon Yourside 01:13 AM 12-06-2019

X-Com fans rejoice!

Demonpenz 02:00 AM 12-06-2019
Originally Posted by Mecca:
I picked up Ace Combat 7...waiting to try this thing out in VR....
get a pc and oculus or sumthin
kcxiv 03:08 AM 12-06-2019
Got into Rust again with my buddies, fuck i forgot how brutal this game can be. lol. Fun though.
Indian Chief 04:12 PM 12-07-2019
Finished The Outer Worlds. Really enjoyed it. It really was the Fallout game we've been wanting since New Vegas.
allen_kcCard 11:56 AM 12-08-2019
I've been playing Squad. It has been out for a few years although they still consider themselves in beta, but I came across a content creator called Karmakut randomly on youtube and started watching his videos and then got hooked on them and bought the game. Pretty fun, but hard to get up to speed to do very well in it.

I had one match where Karmakut ended up playing in it as well, but was on the other side. Hoping I find a video of it to try to find my name in the ending scorecard. We beat his side, and I was too busy trying to see how he did in the match to catch how I did.

edit: I know I did terribad in the match compared to him. He typically gets 20-30 kills in a match or more, my max so far is 5 :-)
Gravedigger 09:48 AM 12-10-2019

Resident Evil 2 remake was so well done, I'm really looking forward to this. April 2020 is right around the corner, much quicker than I anticipated.
Imon Yourside 11:50 PM 12-12-2019
Wow they copied the formula from the best Mech game ever Mech Warrior one with it's then 16 color graphics.

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