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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Fox: Ex-Balt. convict mayor (embezzlement), fave to replace convict mayor (fraud)
Just Passin' By 03:39 PM 06-03-2020
The headline used in the thread title had to be edited because of space limitations. Below is the actual Fox headline.

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Ex-Baltimore mayor, once convicted of embezzlement, now favorite to fill seat of mayor convicted of fraud

The Baltimore mayoral seat that was vacated last year when Catherine Pugh resigned over a corruption scandal -- which led to a three-year prison sentence -- now appears likely to be filled by a former mayor who has a past conviction of her own.

With Democratic primary returns still coming in after Tuesday’s vote, the front-runner appears to be Sheila Dixon, who resigned as mayor in 2010 after a jury found her guilty of misdemeanor embezzlement for misappropriating gift cards for the poor...

Forget it, Jake. It's Baltimore.
Easy 6 03:41 PM 06-03-2020
Naptown Chief 03:43 PM 06-03-2020
Jesus. Didn't realize that cunt was running again.

There is still hope for that city though
ping2000 09:01 PM 06-03-2020
STD capital of the world.
Bump 09:03 PM 06-03-2020
I'm sure those 2 corrupt motherfuckers got a lot of cred with the libshits over it though. It is confusing, usually if you are a democrat you get away with it.
Pogue 09:04 PM 06-03-2020
Who keeps voting for these people? Oh yeah, Democrats.
cosmo20002 09:07 PM 06-03-2020
My opinion on Baltimore politics = not give a shit
LiveSteam 09:23 PM 06-03-2020
You're a buttplug.
Of course you don't care about shit.
Deberg_1990 09:28 PM 06-03-2020
Them Ravens and Lamaar Jackson though......
Prison Bitch 09:28 PM 06-03-2020
Originally Posted by cosmo20002:
My opinion on Baltimore politics = not give a shit

— Ghidora (@Ghidora4) June 3, 2020

LiveSteam 10:32 PM 06-03-2020
Originally Posted by Prison Bitch:
:-) perfect.