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The Lounge>Hunting type things.....
Iowanian 02:27 PM 10-02-2003
Its fall. Bow season has opened in at least Missouri and Iowania. I thought we could discuss related topics. Tips, braggin', near misses....

relay your hunting stories, pics and tips here.

anti hunting types.....find another corner to squat in.
NewChief 04:34 PM 10-02-2003
Originally Posted by :

I would suggest hooking up with a pro in your area.
Solid advice. If you go to the link that I gave you, you can probably get someone to hook you up with a retriever club in your area that will be able to offer you advice.
Iowanian 04:36 PM 10-02-2003
I've never had a bird dog....I don't really care if he "points" but I do want him to flush birds, but not 50yards ahead of me.

I should probably get ahold of some of the local pheasants forever guys and see if one them them can help me along.
NewChief 04:51 PM 10-02-2003
Oh, I might as well pimp my former employers while I'm on here. If you're looking for high-quality hunting equipment (Gore-Tex clothing and the like) at super low prices, check out

They have absolutely amazing deals. They also have a catalog designed specifically for hunters called Sierra Outdoors, but if you get on their list, prepare to be bombarded at the rate of 2 catalogs a week.
Duck Dog 05:00 PM 10-02-2003
Heres a site with many resources for gun dog onwers and trialers alike.

Working Retriever Central

It's worth a look.

For you bow hunters, a possible WORLDS RECORD was shot in Minnesota this year, rumor has it about 20 miles from me.

Here's a link to a local pro shop who had this to say about it;

Originally Posted by :
We are not going to be showing the photo and information on the possible record buck. We feel that until the official measurement and certification of the buck is finished it would be best to hold back any further information. This decision was made to show our respect to the bow hunter.

Please continue to check back to for new pictures, information on new product and hunting tips. We will follow up on the new potential world record velvet buck after the official 60 day waiting period.

Thanks and come again.
Magnum Sports
Duck Dog 05:10 PM 10-02-2003
Originally Posted by Iowanian:
I've never had a bird dog....I don't really care if he "points" but I do want him to flush birds, but not 50yards ahead of me.

I should probably get ahold of some of the local pheasants forever guys and see if one them them can help me along.

That would be a great idea. Training with others will help.

Make sure the dog knows the 'come' or 'here' command first. When you work the dog call him to you before he reaches yoyur desired range, call the dog to you when as he quarters. The dog will learn to turn when you call him. This will also teach the dog quarter better instead of running straight ahead. Some tether the animal to a 50 or 100 foot rope. But I believe if the dog knows his 'here' command you can control him while he hunts without using a rope.

Make sure the dog knows sit, heal and here. Or nothing else may matter.
NewChief 05:24 PM 10-02-2003
Hey Duck:

You ever heard of these fellas?

This is where we board our worthless lapdog when we go to Chief's games. We keep hopin' that staying in those kennels right next to their field trial dogs will rub off on our dog through osmosis or something.

Hasn't worked yet. :-)

Anyway, evidently they're pretty big in the Great Outdoor Games and such. We found them after my dad saw them on ESPN. He said we should look into them, since they're in our area. Turns out that their boarding prices are way cheaper than anyone else ($12 a day).

Super nice guys, too.
Iowanian 07:01 PM 10-02-2003
Duck....thanks for the start advice.

I've been working with him on Come! Sit! Lay Down! and trying to work on Stay for a while...not so much luck with that. I've been having him fetch and retrieve sticks, balls etc.....but I'm having trouble getting him to release on command.

Heal has been a sore spot too...Brideowanian has been walking him...well....he's walking I bought a pretty vicious neck poker.....seems effective so far.

I need to find a wing and some scent I suppose.
Duck Dog 07:16 PM 10-02-2003
Here's a link to a few articles writen by John and Amy Dahl, owners of Oak Hill Kennels. It's pretty hard to find pro's who give such details for free. I generaly agree with a lot of what they say. There is a few articles about pups and getting them started and teaching here and such.

Oak Hill Kennels
JOhn 07:19 PM 10-02-2003
!3 days till general deer season opens, and 28 days untill my first Elk tag is valid. :-)
Iowanian 07:20 PM 10-02-2003
I got a call from my brother, who hunted one of my stands today....

said there were deer everywhere eating early as 2pm.......and a 9pnt buck walked under him....between the ladder and tree.
Duck Dog 07:26 PM 10-02-2003
New Chief, I hadn't heard of them before but from the looks of their web site they have a good operation going. I noticed they aren't traing for trials but rather for gun dogs and HRCH's and AKC Hunt Test dogs. Those will make the best gun dogs.

If one can afford it, a pro is always the best way to go for a finished product.

Anyone heard about that possible World Record buck from MN yet?
Iowanian 09:14 PM 10-02-2003
boat guys.....

I've got a 1986 Mercury outboard 50horse need of a prop.

I don't claim to know much about them...but need a new prop....and am looking on ebay before other places....

Does anyone know "what" prop that motor requires or where I can look to find out?
BigOlChiefsfan 09:45 PM 10-02-2003

I used to hunt with a guy whose lab stayed religiously on heel all day, til we walked up a pheasant or two and dropped 'em. Then the dog ran out on command, found the dead birds and brought 'em back, just like he did when we went duck hunting. Hey, we NEVER lost a bird, and that earns a years worth of kibble IMHO.

A book I'd recommend is Gun Dog by Richard Wolters.
NewChief 09:50 PM 10-02-2003
Originally Posted by BigOlChiefsfan:

A book I'd recommend is Gun Dog by Richard Wolters.
I've actually got a signed copy

Great book. A -little- outdated, but many of the fundamentals definitely apply. Especially when you're talking about a recreationalist with a pup.
Iowanian 02:20 PM 10-03-2003
well...If NFTs are the subject of the day....

How big of a buck do other bow hunters "let go"? Do you have a specific size a buck must be before you'll take it?

I don't.....but I let alot of smaller ones go....I'll let that basket 8-9 go, hoping to see it again next year.
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