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Dante84 09:31 PM 04-24-2020
More to come in 2021


Coach 11:29 PM 04-24-2020
Originally Posted by Hammock Parties:
lol can you imagine if this dude is a Roaf level talent...

adding a truly elite LT and RB to this offense would be unfair :-)
He has the size and the length to live in an island. It's definitely there.

He'll just need to work on his footwork, but for a man that size with quick feet and can get to the 2nd level pretty fluidly, I think the footwork will come along once he gets some experience and muscle memory reps.

He has the potentional to be a great LT. It's there. Just hope it works out.

Worst case, he's a solid G.

This is a great value/pick all around.
pugsnotdrugs19 11:36 PM 04-24-2020
So it seems like the staff is imagining him as the day one LG.

Fisher-Niang-Reiter-LDT-Schwartz week one?
MAHOMO 4 LIFE! 11:52 PM 04-24-2020
Originally Posted by pugsnotdrugs19:
So it seems like the staff is imagining him as the day one LG.

Fisher-Niang-Reiter-LDT-Schwartz week one?
Yep depending on if Rankin is healthy. If he is the n I can see a camp battle
BigRedChief 02:29 AM 04-25-2020

MahomesMagic 05:00 AM 04-25-2020
When I go to Draft Network I always like Crabbs' notes.

Pass Sets - Hips appeared more restrictive in 2019, could be a byproduct of hip injury he played with this season. Guilty of some false steps out of his stance and his base is deconstructed when he feels he's lost leverage on blocks. He's got plenty of physical mobility to further enhance sets.

Length/Extension - Plenty of reach to make an impact at first contact. Thought he showed good development and improvement in his strike timing during 2019 season. Hand strength and functional power to stay attached on lateral blocks allows for effective reset of the LOS outside the tackle box.

Balance - Thought he got caught in some instances of overextending himself but he flashes a dynamic base to reset and snap himself back into position when put into recovery mode. His deep sets still appear a little clunky and power rushes can catch him leaning outside with power.

Hand Technique - Placement has shown notable improvement over final season and a half. Really cut down on strikes landing outside the breastplate and has applied a little extra pop in his hands. His grip strength is excellent to latch onto bodies once he's got a hand fit.

Power at POA - Awesome ability to push people around and create space for his rushers in the run game. Road grader who compliments his power with surprising grace in lateral string-out blocks or when firing directly off the ball and immediately establishing contact.

Football IQ - Active/effective in passing off twists, stunts and blitzes — doesn't typically get busted having to bail out late and shows good awareness of the numbers game and avoids being pulled out of position via pre-snap looks. Appreciate the run game footwork in action.

Functional Athleticism - Pretty stunning to see how well he moves. He's a big fella but has little issue firing out to win with quickness at the snap or climb to the second level and break down on a block. Really impressive application of strength when blocking on the move.

Anchor Ability - Really dense torso and lower half, he provides a good deal of natural strength and the body control to sit down and recover when he's put on his heels. Chase Young got him one time with speed to power but otherwise he's difficult to straight bully.

Flexibility - Natural mobility is very good and he's got good ability to hinge hips in angular sets (when healthy) and shows dynamic lower half to bend and play low/with power. He's not one to constantly fight against his own frame, rolls through contact well.

Competitive Toughness - Tenacity is notable and you'll see him up in a defender's grill through the end of the whistle. Played through hip injury in 2019 and helped team knock off Texas before undergoing surgery. Leads by example and gets strong reviews for leading by example.


Best Trait - Functional Athleticism

Worst Trait - Pass Sets

Best Film - Purdue (2019)

Worst Film - Ohio State (2018)

Red Flags - 2019 Hip INJ

Summary - Lucas Niang is a high-upside starter in the NFL. Niang's mobility would make him a great fit in a zone style system and his length and range as a pass blocker make him an attractive option for teams with deeper passing concepts. There is some refinement needed in Niang's footwork but he shows all the requisite physical skills to be a plus starter in the pros. Should find the field early and improve through first few seasons. Should be healthy for the 2020 season.

Love it..makes a lot of sense and if we get a future starting tackle in the 3rd..that's incredible value.
TwistedChief 06:07 AM 04-25-2020
Originally Posted by JohnnyHammersticks:
This is literally the only thing that matters in the entire discussion about the guy.
PHOG 06:37 AM 04-25-2020
Oh my gosh, love this pick. Nailed it Vegas! :-)
Bob Dole 06:46 AM 04-25-2020
Originally Posted by BigRedChief:
Andy introducing himself is hilarious.
DJ's left nut 07:18 AM 04-25-2020
Originally Posted by MAHOMO 4 LIFE!:
I would've been good with him in the 2nd as well. From the 'call your shot' thread:

Originally Posted by DJ's left nut:
I'm thinking someone like Lucas Niang.

Hip injury that slowed him down in '19 after looking like a real 1st round probable in '18. Outstanding physical tools and what appears to be a good head for the game. Just a GIANT dude who is very agile for his size. No experience at LT (IIRC) but might have the tools to play it.

So if he's there in the 2nd...maybe? Depending on the board? You'd want him to get at least a full season to make sure he's recovered from the hip surgery and you can maybe lean him out a bit to make him more agile. Then you work technique like crazy. Then in season 2 you see if you have a guy that can be a swing tackle, in which case you have a potential LT.

And I may just like him more than most - guys that big with plus athleticism are just so damn rare. That's why I liked the Fisher pick when we made it - 6'7" dudes w/ the agility to play on an island at LT are just awfully tough to get your hands on. So I may be falling victim to measurables.

But if the board fell to hell and Niang was sitting there at 63...I'd have to strongly consider taking him.

[Reply] 07:28 AM 04-25-2020
Would seem like an ideal situation if he can play LG and eventually transition to LT, although I'm not sure why we are overly quick to move on from Fisher or Schwartz
gblowfish 07:36 AM 04-25-2020
Fisher has been somewhat injury prone, so having a serviceable rookie to help protect him is a very good thing. Last thing we need is someone going all Rodney Harrison on Mahomie.
Lzen 08:06 AM 04-25-2020
Originally Posted by Chris Meck:
I feel like I can say this:

We got significantly better in these first 3 rounds.

We returned 20/22 starters from the SB winning team, but i think by mid-season, each of these 3 guys are starters or at least playing 'starters' minutes.
Chris Meck 08:31 AM 04-25-2020
I'm going to just admit right now that I've lost all objectivity. I think. Either that, or this is the best draft EVER. So yeah, it's got to be me.

But...when I look at this kid, he LOOKS like Willie Roaf. Built just like him, even has that weird little duck walk thing. He's got those nimble ballerina feet that seems like they're too small for his upper body and those long arms. I mean, Fisher's not built like that. He doesn't move like that. But Roaf did, he was almost awkward until the snap, and then he was so dominant.

I mean, if this kid can take the LG spot this year, learn the NFL, learn this offense next to Fisher and get his seasoning, I think he could very well move to either tackle spot as soon as we need him to and be a long term starter.
OnTheWarpath15 10:12 AM 04-25-2020
Originally Posted by
Would seem like an ideal situation if he can play LG and eventually transition to LT, although I'm not sure why we are overly quick to move on from Fisher or Schwartz
I can think of 11 million reasons.
[Reply] 10:13 AM 04-25-2020
Originally Posted by OnTheWarpath15:
I can think of 11 million reasons.
For sure, but for a LT, thats not much.
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