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Dante84 09:31 PM 04-24-2020
More to come in 2021


DRM08 09:42 PM 04-24-2020
Originally Posted by staylor26:
This guy didnít allow a sack his whole career....
Exactly what we want for Patrick!
big nasty kcnut 09:43 PM 04-24-2020
New fatties to protect mvpat
Basileus777 09:43 PM 04-24-2020
At pick 96 a lineman with good physical tools that can potentially provide depth all over the line is nice value.
MAHOMO 4 LIFE! 09:44 PM 04-24-2020

Lucas Niang carried a second round grade on my board, but make no mistake, he has first round talent. Injuries derailed his stock.

Great value pick by the #Chiefs at 96.

— Jonah Tuls (@JonahTulsNFL) April 25, 2020

BigChiefFan 09:46 PM 04-24-2020
BPA. This is a damn good draft for us.
chiefzilla1501 09:46 PM 04-24-2020
Originally Posted by pugsnotdrugs19:
If he can play with those guys, Fisher’s days are numbered
I doubt it other than being some leverage when negotiating Fisher's contract in 2022. If the Chiefs really wanted that they'd have drafted much higher up considering the talent in this draft class. I love this pick. But only because we badly needed a depth swing lineman.
Coach 09:47 PM 04-24-2020
Originally Posted by chiefzilla1501:
Rankin will be back though, right? He was looking good at LG before he got hurt. It wouldn't bother me if Niang doesn't start. We badly need a swing tackle and even more awesome if he can play Guard too. He can be our Cam Erving except without being Cam Erving.
Anything to kick Wylie off the team, I'm good with it.


TCU OT Lucas Niang since 2017

975 Pass-block snaps
0 Sacks allowed

— PFF Draft (@PFF_College) April 25, 2020

Red Dawg 09:47 PM 04-24-2020
Guard would be great. We need nasty at guard. We have nice guys that help pld ladies across the street. We need bar fighters.
Bwana 09:48 PM 04-24-2020
Daddy like.
JimNasium 09:49 PM 04-24-2020
Plus, LDT finally has someone to talk to.
staylor26 09:49 PM 04-24-2020
If he can start at G, this is an A+ pick.

Solves the G problem for now and potentially T problem for later.
Easy 6 09:51 PM 04-24-2020
From my main draft guide

Niang is a massive prospect, both long and sturdy. His size allows him to survive on an island. Long arms and powerful hands, capable of stopping rushers in their tracks and steering them where he wants. When his leverage is right he shows natural power in the run game, with the ability to reset the LOS. A nimble mover for his size in pass pro or moving to the second level, where the bully in him comes out when he gets a chance to erase defenders.

The knocks are mostly about a nagging hip injury that required surgery last year, and a need for pass pro refinement

I wanted a lineman in the 3rd and got one, no complaints at all
MAHOMO 4 LIFE! 09:54 PM 04-24-2020

Lucas Niang on KC: "I liked them a lot and I thought the feeling was mutual. .... The call was everything I've dreamed of and waited for my whole life."

— Brandon Zenner (@NPNowZenner) April 25, 2020

RunKC 09:54 PM 04-24-2020
Just watched this. He did a pretty solid job vs Bosa and Young. Got help quite a few times but that’s understandable.

Chris Meck 09:55 PM 04-24-2020
I like it.

I think in a normal season, he takes LG this season and perhaps moves to T next year when they let one of Fisher or Schwartz go.

I think in this season with who knows what for TC and pre-season, we'll see.

Andy's always believed in the best 5 guys theory. I'd think this is one of the best 5 guys. Better than Wylie, for fuck's sake.
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