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The Lounge>Let's talk about the Ravens.
Direckshun 12:34 AM 12-03-2018
The Ravens are a uniquely weird team in Week 14 of the NFL season.

They're weird because their QB position is a great unknown.

Joe Flacco is, of course, the world's most underwhelming Super Bowl MVP, and has sucked this year. We know who he is, we have millions of hours of underwhelming tape to depressingly watch. And he returned to practice this week, but did not play, Eric Berry style.

But that might change. He may see the field.

Which is interesting, because their backup QB, Lamar Jackson, a 1st round selection by the Ravens (albeit with the 32nd pick), is a very weird player. He runs, and runs, and runs with the ball. His completion percentage is a not-terrible 60%. And he's only played three weeks, so tape on him is slim.

We know this: he is fast, he is not afraid to run the ball, and he's a damn gazelle when he does.

The good news: we can probably spy him. His weapons are bleak. Alex Collins is his #1 RB, and he's averaging 3.6 yards a carry. His #1 receiver is John Brown, who initially looked like Tyreek Hill when he first hit the league, but has since statistically slowed down and is now just a good receiver with very difficult speed to account for. Michael Crabtree is their #2 alongside Willie Snead, and Tyreek Hill has more yardage than both of those guys combined, but Crabtree has had good games against us in the past.

As a result, the Ravens are still somehow 13th in the league in yardage, they are averaging 25 points a game.

The Ravens have good pass protection, as they've only given up like 25 sacks or something like that. Ronnie Stanley is their LT.

But really, the Ravens offense wins by trying to run the ball, passing decently, and then letting Lamar Jackson get creative.

As far as the defense is concerned.................. biggest test of the year right here folks.

#1 rated defense in yardage (they're allowing under 300 yards/game).
#1 rated defense in points (they're allowing 17 points/game).

I think it's safe to say we're going to beat those averages but they should still slow us down pretty significantly. I don't know if Patty will have another 4 TD game here.

The Ravens get good pressure on the QB -- they're 9th in the league in sacks, and the pressure comes from everywhere. Suggs has always played well against us but he only has 5.5 this year. They blitz a good amount.

Simply put, the Ravens pass defense will be the biggest challenge Mahomes faces all year. They're allowing under 200 yards passing all season. Eric Weddle is a goddamn general at the back of their defense, and they've got a solid corner or two despite the fact that none of their corners are true ballhawks. Brandon Carr will make a rare appearance against the Chiefs, which is whatever, but he's apparently playing well.

The Ravens have a mean defensive line, and maybe the meanest NT in the league in Brandon Williams. I'm willing to bet they drop everyone in coverage, smother Kelce, and dare Spencer Ware to beat their DL. That's a very tall order, and I don't think our run game is up to the challenge. Mahomes will need to tap every ounce of his MVP talent to get yardage.

In special teams, they have arguably the greatest kicker in modern NFL history in Justin Tucker. They've had one punt return for a TD.

They're 7-5. They're on a three game win streak. Lamar Jackson has started all three games.

Their wins: Bills, Broncos, @Steelers, @Titans, Bengals (no Dalton), Raiders, @Falcons
Losses: @Bengals (Dalton), @Browns, Saints, @Panthers, Steelers

That schedule is all over the place. They beat Pitt in Pitt, but pathetically lose to the Browns. The most damning game on the schedule is the Saints game, where they only lost by a point.

How is this team so good? I've asked before. They have no elite talent on offense and are still racking up yardage and point. They have a damn good defense but don't intercept the ball and they don't have any sack masters like the Chiefs do.

What is going on?
Superturtle 07:48 PM 12-08-2018
Also Brady>>>Goff>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Jackson.
dwwataz 08:47 PM 12-08-2018
Originally Posted by New World Order:
Gosh darnit guys!

We are all Chiefs fans here and we have a huge game tomorrow!
Whoa there. I know you're excited but easy on the language mister.
Hog's Gone Fishin 09:03 PM 12-08-2018
Originally Posted by Chiefshrink:
Believe it or not I am believing our defense really shines tomorrow. They have slowly been making more plays as the season has progressed as it is in Arrowhead and our defense usually makes big plays in AH.

Our offense will continue to cruise IMHO regardless of the Balt defense who btw has not seen an offense like ours all year. Our RB by committee will shine as well.

Chiefs 38
Ravens 17
Totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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