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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Biggest need?
ForeverChiefs58 12:44 PM 02-10-2020
Order of biggest needs? Some question marks

OL - more protection for PM

LB - Bad run defense needs better LBer play

CB - better coverage is of course always better

S - Will Thorhill be better or worse next season?

Find another pass rusher- Every defense wants as many as possible

WR- speed kills. Legion of zoom keeps zooming

TE- having 4-5 amazing WRs is awesome. Having a 2nd TE like a Kelce that blocks would also be awesome.

RB- so long McCoy. Need another for two head monster.
Hog's Gone Fishin 08:03 PM 02-15-2020
Originally Posted by Wilson8:
TE Ive given up on Chiefs doing anything for a backup to Travis Kelce.

Id be shocked if they ever drafted or signed a free agent that they actually had to pay.
Was hoping they'd give Olsen a look. The TE draft class is poor this year. I don't think there are even 2nd round graded TE's.

As far as OL I'd rather keep what we got and pick up a FA. We have draft needs in the defense.
Wilson8 08:32 PM 02-15-2020
Originally Posted by Hog's Gone Fishin:
Was hoping they'd give Olsen a look.
I agree. Right now looks like Olsen has narrowed his selection to 3 teams, Washington, Buffalo, and Seattle. I have no idea for what kind of money.
Tribal Warfare 10:19 PM 02-16-2020
1) OL - revolving door of injuries ( protecting PMII investment)
2) RB- as stated Damien is unreliable with injuries, Darrel is middling, Shady is old,and Thompson looks lost and is too small for pass protection ( protecting PMII investment )
3) LB - until Pennel was signed this was the greatest weakness on Defense.
4) CB'- depending what's in FA, and depth in the draft this offseason I'm not deathly afraid that it'll be liability
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