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The Marty Lounge>Do you own an Electric car or plan to buy one
Hog's Gone Fishin 02:14 PM 02-17-2021
I plan to get one in the future, what are your plans?

If so what are your pluses or minuses ?
stevieray 11:49 PM 02-17-2021
Originally Posted by Hog's Gone Fishin:
Sometimes we all need to out run the cops.
sd4chiefs 12:30 AM 02-18-2021
This Audi E-Tron GT looks pretty sweet but pricy.
J Diddy 12:46 AM 02-18-2021
Originally Posted by mlyonsd:
Yes lets all buy an electric car when it's evident our current electric generation can't handle it. Smart move.
I bet their cheaper in TX now.
A8bil 12:53 AM 02-18-2021
3 motor cybertruck in my future. Total stupid purchase, but will be damn fun for fishing and trips the mountains.
LongSufferingToady 01:04 AM 02-18-2021
Nope. Do not plan to own an electric car. My little Hyundai Accent gets 38 in town and 45 on the highway. Why mess with that!

And it's paid for...
Hog's Gone Fishin 01:33 AM 02-18-2021
Check this out..... 1020 HP tesla
Rasputin 01:40 AM 02-18-2021
I have a gas hog van that I lived in down by the river but transmission is out so I need that fixed. I'm driving my gas guzzler Tahoe until I can get my van fixed.
|Zach| 04:37 AM 02-18-2021
Originally Posted by Rain Man:
For people like me who live in the middle of cities, I'm thinking that driverless cars will eventually obviate my need to own a car at all. I'll just step outside my door, whistle like a cowboy calling his horse, and a car will show up. Driverless cabs will be prowling around everywhere and it'll be cheaper and easier to use them than to own a car.
I drive so much less since living in the city and I really enjoy that. Driverless options would be the dream. Would probably figure out some way to ditch the car or just have a one car household between us instead of two at the very least. My drive to work is 25-40 mins depending on conditions so not possible yet.
|Zach| 04:41 AM 02-18-2021
Originally Posted by DaFace:
My wife drives a Nissan Leaf. Even for a cheapo EV, it's a hell of a lot of fun to drive. Range is limited, but it's great for just driving around the city. We pretty much use it any time we can. The maintenance is basically nothing but tires, windshield wipers, and air filters, and it's nice to never need gas.

I still don't think I'd recommend an EV as the ONLY car in a household, though - at least not unless you never do road trips. We use my Outback for mountain trips and road trips, and having the EV and the ICE as options works great. I know you can technically stop every couple of hours and charge, but it just seems damn inconvenient - especially since my most common road trip is I-70 in western Kansas.

I am looking into a Toyota RAV4 Prime (plug-in hybrid) as a possible next option. 42 miles of EV range (to cover my daily commute) but a gas engine to make it work on road trips seems like a decent compromise.
That would be amazing.
HemiEd 06:01 AM 02-18-2021
Originally Posted by candyman:
No, I'd rather burn fossil fuels on my own rather than have someone else burn them for me.
It is also interesting that nobody has brought up the strip mining atrocity that is going on to make the batteries.

It is kind of like Nike shoes I guess, not happening here. :-)

Around here, nobody even wants to own an electric golf cart due to the battery issues and time it takes to charge.
scho63 08:27 AM 02-18-2021
The day a battery can do a full recharge in <10 minutes and have at least 300-400 range, I'll be 1st in line.
nicksdad 09:14 AM 02-18-2021
just an fyi , there are a ton of new EV models coming out this year. lots of HP, faster charging batteries, and the kind of range you needed to buy a Tesla to get few years ago. also a fair amount of AWD for us snow belters. even a four wheel mustang with about 400 HP. will look in 4-5 years when my beater starts to die
BigBeauford 09:22 AM 02-18-2021
Next vehicle will be an Electric. I think buying an ICE vehicle after 2025 will be a risky proposition from a value standpoint.
mr. tegu 09:33 AM 02-18-2021
With being a two car household I certainly wouldnít mind one being electric. Just need the right option to come along though I guess, mainly being completely reliable. If Iím getting an electric itís partly because I expect it to basically never need maintenance but it seems like Teslas for example still have annoying issues to deal with. Maybe Iím wrong on that though.
backinblack 09:36 AM 02-18-2021
Originally Posted by nicksdad:
even a four wheel mustang with about 400 HP.
I've said it before but when they make an electric Mustang coupe(they are rumored to be working on one) I'll be interested. The Mach E is neat, but just not what I'm into. Still waiting to see one in person though.

idk we'll see. Probably what I will likely do is have an electric car as my main driver, but have a car like my current Mustang as my side car, my toy to have fun in and screw around with. I just know I'm in absolutely no rush to get one.
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