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The Marty Lounge>Lost 4 family members in last two weeks.
scho63 01:17 PM 02-11-2021
These past two weeks have been like a nightmare for our family.

We lost my Aunt Marie and Uncle Andy at 86 and 84 to Covid, their son and first cousin Wayne dies 3 days later at 63 to a heart attack and two days ago my half brother Ed dies of COVID in his sleep at 58. We just found out about him this year and no one knew he was a son my father had, including him or my father.

Any prayers welcome.

This one was a 94 year old great Aunt who lived a good life and just passed of old age.

2021 will always be remembered as the year of death in my family.

Sadly we have 2-3 more elderly relatives that could pass this year.

I'm afraid to take any more calls or look at any emails my sister sends from back East.

Good grief.
Cosmos 11:45 AM 02-12-2021
Lost a family member and 2 friends to this.

Almost lost my mom, who in her 80’s has cognitive issues made worse in her recovery from a bout in Dec. Seeing someone you love, age so quickly is a mind ****.

You’re not alone.

Be grateful for what is.

morphius 12:38 PM 02-12-2021
Sorry for your families losses, that must be hard on everyone. Prayers for them all.

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Tribal Warfare 12:50 PM 02-12-2021
My sympathies, and hope for the best
BIG_DADDY 01:43 PM 02-12-2021
Sorry to hear that brother. Best to you and your family.
Rain Man 01:48 PM 02-12-2021
Sorry to hear, scho. It's been a rough year for a lot of folks.
KS Smitty 06:32 PM 02-12-2021
Sorry to read this scho. Prayers to you and yours.
REDHOTGTO 06:41 PM 02-12-2021
sad to hear man, hope life gets better soon for you
Couch-Potato 06:52 PM 02-12-2021
So sorry to hear this friend. Wishing you and your family the best moving forward.
scho63 07:06 PM 02-12-2021
Thanks again to everyone for the kind words and well wishes. Deeply appreciated and grateful.
Chiefs=Champions 07:09 PM 02-12-2021
So sorry to hear about that. Sending thoughts your way.
jdubya 10:38 PM 02-12-2021
Sorry to hear Hoss. Keep on keeping on
Fishpicker 12:02 AM 02-13-2021
I cant even imagine how painful that must be. I'm sorry for your loss, scho63. You're a good dude, so I know you will do your family proud.
Msmith 08:03 AM 02-13-2021
This pandemic is especially hard for the elderly. For the ones get hold up in solitude, many have gotten depression. May God grant you grace to overcome all these partings.
lewdog 09:45 AM 02-13-2021
Very sorry Scho. Stay strong.
burt 10:09 AM 02-13-2021
Scho, I've been MIA for a while.... prayers sent, my friend. Truly sorry for your loss.
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