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The Marty Lounge>Lost 4 family members in last two weeks.
scho63 01:17 PM 02-11-2021
These past two weeks have been like a nightmare for our family.

We lost my Aunt Marie and Uncle Andy at 86 and 84 to Covid, their son and first cousin Wayne dies 3 days later at 63 to a heart attack and two days ago my half brother Ed dies of COVID in his sleep at 58. We just found out about him this year and no one knew he was a son my father had, including him or my father.

Any prayers welcome.

This one was a 94 year old great Aunt who lived a good life and just passed of old age.

2021 will always be remembered as the year of death in my family.

Sadly we have 2-3 more elderly relatives that could pass this year.

I'm afraid to take any more calls or look at any emails my sister sends from back East.

Good grief.
Indian Chief 01:53 PM 02-11-2021
Really sorry to hear this. Thoughts with you and your family. Stay strong.
VAChief 02:06 PM 02-11-2021
That is awful, sorry to hear you have had to experience so much loss in such a short period of time.
Why Not? 02:12 PM 02-11-2021
That sucks buddy. Hate to hear.
smithandrew051 02:18 PM 02-11-2021
So sorry to hear that. We’re here for you bro.
Hydrae 02:31 PM 02-11-2021
Yikes, that is too much in such a short span. Prayers for you and the rest of the family.
DJJasonp 02:32 PM 02-11-2021
my condolences. awful

hang tough.
Frazod 03:05 PM 02-11-2021
Been there, done that, except mine happened over the course of a weekend - 4th of July of 2014. First, on Friday, a cousin on my dad's side of the family died of cancer. She had only been diagnosed a couple of weeks before. The next day my wife's grandmother had a stroke. They managed to revive her in the ambulance, but she never regained consciousness and her body finally gave out a week later. While at the hospital with her, I got a call from a cousin telling me that my mom's sister had just died. And the following morning I got another call from the sister of the girl who died on Friday telling me that our grandmother (my dad's mom) had died.

You can't make this shit up. Never heard of anything like it until this thread. It seemed like every time my goddamn phone rang somebody else had croaked. I would have hidden under the bed if I fit.

Three of the four were old. Only my cousin, who was 40, died unexpectedly. The wife's grandma was 97, mine was 94, and my aunt was in her 80s, all three were in nursing homes, so none of those were really shocking. Except that you don't expect them to all tumble into the fucking grave at the same time. Fuck. My poor aunt lost her daughter and mother within 48 hours.

Over the course of the next two weeks I went to three funerals in Missouri and one in Upstate New York. I had quit smoking for over a year, but at some point between mortuaries I started up again.

That sucked ass. Hard.

Hang in there buddy. I feel your pain.
58-4ever 03:06 PM 02-11-2021
dude, this is awful. Very sorry!! Prayers up for sure.
Graystoke 03:12 PM 02-11-2021
Sorry to hear.
It always comes in waves.
Be strong, prayers sent
Eureka 03:24 PM 02-11-2021
Make sure you stay extra safe and away from the Covid best you can. Seems it affects your family. Sorry about your loss.

Hope you're staying strong with the fasting and know that it will improve your health overall.
chinaski 03:25 PM 02-11-2021
BDj23 03:29 PM 02-11-2021
It's been a pretty awful week for me too, but that is terrible. I'm sorry to hear buddy.
RedRaider56 04:02 PM 02-11-2021
so sorry to hear of your losses... My condolences
PHOG 04:06 PM 02-11-2021
That's terrible. My condolences.
stevieray 04:14 PM 02-11-2021
Godspeed to you and yours, scho.

Love on your family, ya'll.
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