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Washington DC and The Holy Land>FBI Altered FISA Application Illegally
BleedingRed 10:24 PM 11-21-2019
Leaks from OIG report are already happening.... Should be fun
patteeu 08:53 PM 11-27-2019
I didnít think the IG was even looking into that. He doesnít have the right jurisdiction to get to the bottom of that if he looked at it at all.
LiveSteam 10:18 PM 11-27-2019
You're right Patt.
But but but NYT.

Dolts, Boobs and Morons.
Three things you'll find in DC
NinerDoug 01:35 PM 12-09-2019
lawrenceRaider 04:03 PM 12-09-2019
Originally Posted by NinerDoug:
Apparently it wasn't illegally, just due to incompetence. As you know, that's the new explanation for everything people cock up.
Sorry 04:06 PM 12-09-2019
Originally Posted by scho63:
There is an obvious reason why all the long term bureaucrats, intelligence agencies and the Dems are trying to destroy Trump and his admin: based on everything that appears to have occurred under the Obama admin and his knowledge, there were a LOT of bad, bad banditos who did very illegal things.

Will they be punished to fit the crime? Who knows in the Swamp.......:-)
Yeah trump who committed fraud thru his charity/university/casino is the man for the job! lmfao.
Donger 04:09 PM 12-09-2019
Originally Posted by Taco John:
When this all goes down, Democrats are going to be walking around like that guy on Saving Private Ryan who got his arm blasted off, wondering how to fix this.
Inspector 08:22 AM 12-10-2019
Originally Posted by Inspector:
Still not sold on Durham or Horowitz. Wouldn't surprise me to see him pin some stuff on lower level folks and give a pass to the real upper echelon crooks.

The past 3 decades have taught me to never count on democrats being held responsible for their criminal behavior.

Sorry Taco, hope I'm wrong but I'm still stuck with this:

"A connected democrat is a protected democrat".

Still waiting and hoping to be proven wrong. Would love to see Lois Lerner, the Clinton's, Obama, Clapper, Comey, Brennan, Strock, the Orr's and all their other cohorts in orange jumpsuits.

Doubt I ever will.
Looks like Durham will bring the hammer. Still......I'll not hold my breath while waiting to see a democrat held accountable for their ongoing, never ceasing illegal activities.
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