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Washington DC and The Holy Land>The IG report on FISA has dropped. Here's the link to a PDF version
Just Passin' By 12:09 PM 12-09-2019
LiveSteam 08:04 PM 12-11-2019
He has his Rodeo shoved so far up his ass , that his Pants are inside out
Taco John 02:12 PM 12-17-2019
Originally Posted by Taco John:
Want to see something funny in the report.

Search for "Comey."

0 results

Now search for Corney.

476 results.

This is not nothing...

The DOJ is full of "James Corney" references.

https://search . justice . gov/search?query=corney&op=Search&affiliate=justice

Why? To thwart FOIA and hide things from the public.
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