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tmax63 08:42 AM 12-08-2019
I don't know who these guys are but the 3 down DL for Baylor was tearing up Oklahoma's OL yesterday in the Big-12 game. 3 on 5 and the OK QB was getting pressured every time he dropped back.
Buehler445 12:53 PM 12-08-2019
I think they’re pretty undersized. Not sure though. Have only seen limited snaps.
Great Expectations 09:43 PM 12-09-2019
OU’s oline was hurt and playing out of position. Once the RT went out they couldn’t block anyone. The Baylor Dline plays tough and should definitely be thoroughly scouted.
tmax63 06:02 PM 12-11-2019
I didn't know anything about them. I just happened to tune in and see 3 guys raping 5 guys repeatedly and thought it was interesting. I don't even know when/if any of them are going to be in the draft.
kccrow 09:34 PM 12-12-2019
James Lynch might be one of the top 5 DTs in this draft if he declares as a Jr.
Bravvion Roy probably gets late consideration as a NT and he's a Sr.