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2 3 5.08%
3 9 15.25%
4 6 10.17%
5 7 11.86%
6 4 6.78%
7 11 18.64%
8 9 15.25%
9 1 1.69%
10 2 3.39%
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The Lounge>What's your level of Tinnitus
Hog's Gone Fishin 04:44 PM 08-09-2019
I've had Tinnitus for years. Being around squealing Hogs and lots of firearms. Going into a sow barn with 700 sows screaming for food at the same time is the equivalent of being right in a jet engine.

But whats weird is that I'd say on a scale of 1-10 my tinnitus level was always around a 4-5.

Since I sold my farm I have no issues with loud noise but about 3 months afterwards my tinnitus jumped straight to a level 10.

I don't understand why and there's no fix. It could surely drive a weak person insane but that's not me. When I lay down at night it's horrible !!!! and i can't sleep with a radio on to mask the noise so it really sux!

And yeah I've watched all the youtube doctors that show you to beat on your head in various spots and it don't solve the problem.

There's got to be an answer. Why can the medical community figure this shit out!!!!!

Dayze 12:00 PM 08-10-2019
Loud music and riding Harley’s . Not so much from the sound of the bike, but from the wind. Wear ear protection boys. Once I started wearing ear plugs while I ride, specifically long highway runs, I’ll never go back.

Unfortunately, too late now, all I can do prevent further damage.
BDj23 12:08 PM 08-10-2019
olout 09:40 AM 06-29-2020
The tinnitus is pretty miserable as many here know first hand. I’ve always accepted the “just live with it” approach. When I met with my hearing loss specialist Staten Island we discussed tinnitus but there was no attempt to ascertain the frequency or db level. It doesn't bother me
srvy 11:30 AM 06-29-2020
Originally Posted by Frazod:
Years ago, before news of the benefits of hearing protection reached rural northern Missouri, I went out shooting with my dad one day. We were primarily shooting a .357, and probably put a couple of hundred rounds through it. After that, my ears rang nonstop for months. Eventually it went away, but my hearing was never the same after that, and it's only gotten worse. I don't know if that's tinnitus or not, but I've been told that when your ears ring like that it's basically part of your eardrum dying, and after it stops you'll never hear anything in that particular sound range again.

Now, if I'm in a place with a lot of background noise, like a bar, I basically can't hear anything anybody says unless they're talking right in my ear. People probably think I'm an asshole because I don't talk much when I go out, but I just can't hear them, and long ago tired of leaning across the table yelling "WHAT?" over and over.

Also, I may be an asshole regardless of hearing loss. Opinions vary. :-)
I literally hate these architects' dreams of large open spaces. With no drop ceiling panels, all ducting exposed. The sound of conversations in a bar just rattles around in a low drone because the acoustics are so bad. I cant hear the waitress so I just point to the item on the menu. If she asks something I have to stick my ear near her face. I try to avoid places like that as best I can.
Otter 12:16 PM 06-29-2020
If it's dead quiet I notice it but I do agree with Rain Man that it's related to urban settings. When I'm in moab camping it's gone then back when I return home.

A fan running on low cancels it out for me.
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