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Big KC nut 28 18.54%
Burt 4 2.65%
Luv's kid 27 17.88%
Dartgood 92 60.93%
Voters: 151. You may not vote on this poll
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The Lounge>CP giveaway @ noon today poll
FlaChief58 04:59 AM 02-14-2020
This turned out to be a bit harder than I thought. Someone suggested that I let CP vote to see who gets it, so here we are.

The nominees are:
Big nasty KC nut
Luv's kid
Dartgood (I don't want a lifetime ban)

Whoever has the most votes by noon EST wins. Good luck!
Graystoke 09:49 AM 02-14-2020
Giving it to the kid
The Franchise 09:50 AM 02-14-2020
Voted for the kid.
burt 09:52 AM 02-14-2020
Damn....gave my best speech ever.... and I am dead last. Well, at least I made the final four. Give it to the kid!
Chiefs4TheWin 09:56 AM 02-14-2020
Voted for the kid. I just put him in the lead too. Good luck everyone on the list.
rabblerouser 10:04 AM 02-14-2020
Originally Posted by tyecopeland:
Forget the kids. One of these guys has half an ass.
Then he needs this, not a plaque :

RubberSponge 10:06 AM 02-14-2020
Imagine the joy the kid will have if he wins. Like Christmas morning when he gets it.

Sports as an adult is just a game or a business. Sports to a kids is all about the dreams of aspirations it gives us at that age.

Vote for the kid.
Hog's Gone Fishin 10:12 AM 02-14-2020
With all due respect toLuv's kid. He's too young to appreciate this.

I think KC Nut deserves all the special things in life.
KurtCobain 10:26 AM 02-14-2020
Originally Posted by luv:
I am honestly surprised my kid made the cut. Should he win, I will post a picture of it hanging in HIS room (he does already have a small collection of chiefs stuff going, including the Chiefs Kingdom Red Friday flags for the past three years. I will make sure it's his and not mine.

That said, I'm not sure who I want to vote

Picture of his room before third flag and a few other things were added...
As I said in the other thread, I appreciate you nominating me as well as the other noms I got, but your son is a lot younger than nut, Burt and I, so he'll have this thing slot longer. It's the new generation that will carry the Chiefs into the future
58-4ever 10:39 AM 02-14-2020
Iím team NUT!!!
Pointer19 10:55 AM 02-14-2020
Originally Posted by FlaChief58:
I'm a softy for kids
MUCH better than being a "hardy" for kids. :-)
Mosbonian 10:59 AM 02-14-2020
Originally Posted by burt:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I ask you, with tears in my eyes....look at this and tell me...who deserves the plaque? I can only make this half assed plea for sanity and the deserving!!!

To further sadden you.... I am very ugly and it is Valentines day! I should just lock myself inside my cave for the day!!!

Oh the huge Manatee......
Wrong plea....if we were going on "ugly" there would be way too many others on here qualified for included.

I vote for the kid.
FlaChief58 11:01 AM 02-14-2020
Poll is closed. At 12pm it was a tie between Nut and Luv's kid. As the tiebreaker, my vote is for the rugrat.
FlaChief58 11:03 AM 02-14-2020
Luv, pm me your address and I'll send it out next week.
FlaChief58 11:03 AM 02-14-2020
Mods, please close this thread, thanks
burt 11:04 AM 02-14-2020
I GOT 4th!!!! Not too bad for a half assed ugly guy!
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