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Ubeja Vontell 12:23 PM 02-13-2020
For me that starts way back in the 20's with Blind Lemon Jefferson, Louis Armstrong, Jellyroll Morton, Papa Charley Jackson etc, but just not in an antique music mood right now, no doubt later because I never go very long without going back in time.

Johnny "Slim" Campbell died young in an accident, as we see here the guy had some serious talent, the scar from a motorcycle wreck, hmmm? He is my Louisiana here.

Townes Van Zandt is all the things good about Texas music, a great writer and performer. You cant talk Texas music with no mention of Townes Van Zandt.

Calvin Russell has hard life written all over him, he does get the job done

Heading back across the border, the great James Booker

This broke my heart....

The Original Dixieland Jazz Band (ODJB) was a Dixieland jazz band that made the first jazz recordings in early 1917. Their "Livery Stable Blues" became the first jazz record ever issued.

.....a few years ago we're in Bakersfield hitting yard sales and thrift shops/junk stores and our fav Mexican restaurant (Oildale) when I spy a CD freaturing....The Original Dixieland Jazz Band, wow,,,,what a find, then I open up disc, I almost cried.
Ubeja Vontell 09:32 PM 02-13-2020

Raiderhader 09:36 PM 02-13-2020

Ubeja Vontell 09:38 PM 02-13-2020

Raiderhader 09:47 PM 02-13-2020
Back to the bayou

Ubeja Vontell 09:50 PM 02-13-2020

Ubeja Vontell 09:54 PM 02-13-2020
I going to take a journey back in time to 1924 and one of the first male blues cat to record Papa Charley Jackson from Louisiana.

The first male "STAR" of them blues Texan Blind Lemon Jefferson who first recorded in 1926.

The classic Black Snake Moan and he ain't singing about no snake.

Raiderhader 09:58 PM 02-13-2020

Ubeja Vontell 10:01 PM 02-13-2020

Ubeja Vontell 10:08 PM 02-13-2020

Ubeja Vontell 10:14 PM 02-13-2020

Former governor of Louisiana

When it first started recording in the early 30's he recorded with guitarist Oscar Woods, a black bluesman. Which at that time in the south was a bit edgy

Raiderhader 10:36 PM 02-13-2020
Alright, a few from one of my favorite singer/songwriters coming out of the Texas/red dirt scene, and then Iím going back to my film noir fest.

Ubeja Vontell 11:53 PM 02-13-2020

Ubeja Vontell 12:01 AM 02-14-2020

Ubeja Vontell 12:28 AM 02-14-2020
If you wanted to mix a Texas/Louisiana pre 1940 tape.......

Papa Charley Jackson
Blind Lemon Jefferson
Bessie Tucker
Rabbit Brown
Louis Armstrong
Jellyroll Morton
Little Hat Jones
Funny Papa Smith
Hattie Hudson
Jack Ranger
Oscar Woods
Jimmie Davis
Prince Albert Hunt
Black Boy Shine
Bob Willis and His Texss Playboys
Patsy Montana
Milton Brown
Black Ace
Lead Belly
Kng Solomon Hill
Ramblin' Thomas
Geneivere Davis
Memphis Minnie
Henry Thomas
Black Ivory King
Sippie Wallace
Victoria Spivey
Texas Alexander
Blind Wiliie Reynolds
Willie Reed
Blind Wilie Johnson

You can get that on a 90 min tape, I did.

Here is a true classic in American musicology. Richard "Rabbit" Brown's "James Alley" which is somewheRe in New Orleans. Sad thing is Brown only recorded 3/4 records, that just don't seem right.

Gotta love.....opmetimes I think you're too sweet to die, then another time I think you ought to be buried alive.
Raiderhader 09:00 AM 02-14-2020
I’ll cover both states at once.

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