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The Lounge>NFT: I need to redo a bathroom. Anybody proud of theirs?
Buehler445 07:32 AM 02-13-2020
I have a bathroom that is in dire need of an upgrade. There isn't a ton that can be done with the space, but Christ almighty it's a pain in the fucking ass to find anything on bathrooms. Kitchens? Massive amount of design ideas, products, features, whatever. Bathrooms? A couple shitty pinterest posts. If anybody is a non-pinterest user and tries to get anything OUT of pinterest (pictures and whatnot), Seppuku suddenly seems reasonable.

I digress.

Anybody have any features or designs in their bathroom they're proud of?

Essentially mine consists of:
A shower (replaced shortly before I moved in I'm not going to mess with)
72" double sink cabinet vanity
A full length huge ass built in vanity above the sink with bypass mirror doors.
Shit flooring
A closet with bypass doors.
Toilet I probably won't replace.
1 outlet (:-))

The wall next to the shower is just sheetrock with crappy trim that is starting to show some effects from moisture.

I need to get some more electricity in there and probably different lighting. I'm guessing the electricity will require the big wall vanity to come out. If it doesn't I need to do something with the bypass mirrors regardless.

Some dicknose along the way painted all the wood in the house (trim, doors, whatever). Which I wouldn't hate so much if they would have chosen to SAND THE POLYURITHANE OFF FIRST. The fucks. They did not, so it all looks like dog balls.

I need some ideas, if anyone has any.
mr. tegu 08:56 AM 02-13-2020
We like to look at new model homes in the area and wainscoting and wall paper look really good. You might try looking at home builder web sites for ideas. Wainscoting especially is a nice way to add elegance to the walls if you have a lot of wall space. There are so many different patterns you can make and itís not too expensive to add. I completely remodeled almost the entire house my mother in law bought and she has a big first floor bathroom that just had this big empty wall that really benefited from wainscoting and wall paper.
Sofa King 08:59 AM 02-13-2020
Originally Posted by Hog's Gone Fishin:
You son of a bitch. You're the one that just moved out of my rent house!!! You can kiss your ****ing deposit goodbye!
It'll buff out.
notorious 09:00 AM 02-13-2020
Originally Posted by Sofa King:
It'll buff out.
With gasoline and matches.
notorious 09:05 AM 02-13-2020
We remodeled ours at our old house, then sold it.

It resembled a high-end hotel bathroom. Huge Onyx shower, double vanity, slate-like tile, etc.

I wasn't a fan of the huge shower believe it or not. It seemed like their was a lot of wasted space, and it cost a fortune. The glass needs constant cleaning.

When we redid the farm house I put in a large 6'x36 bath tub with Onyx surround in the main bath. More than large enough, and a lot more usable. We can give our toddler baths, etc.

Let me know when you need the floor. I get the rigid-core waterproof plank at cost.
Why Not? 09:56 AM 02-13-2020
Wish I knew how to post pics. We remodeled ours in 2018. Feels like a resort bathroom now. Went all tile on the floors and added a jacuzzi tub. Went from Jack and Jill sinks to one large sink with large mirror. Added cabinetry and lighting. Love it. Not sure on the cost since we did a whole house remodel.
Halfcan 10:04 AM 02-13-2020
Go to Menards- they have rows of bathroom models.
InChiefsHeaven 10:29 AM 02-13-2020
I did tile flooring, new vanity, new light fixture, new fart fan and new shitter. Left the tub shower in place. Did it all myself, and after 10 years it still looks awesome. Pretty proud of it.

We're going to do the Master bath in a few years. Neither of these are big bathrooms, so there's not much space to work with. Mostly updating fixtures and flooring, though my wife wants a tiled shower in the master when we get around to it.

I'm actually kind of looking forward to the job. I don't hate tiling, as long as I don't have to do it for a living.
Fire Me Boy! 10:34 AM 02-13-2020
Ours. 40x60 standup shower. New toilet new everything. What you can't see is the door that was between the vanity and the toilet. It took up a lot of room, and made the room book cluttered. We also took down a soffit.
Rain Man 11:04 AM 02-13-2020
I've redone four bathrooms over the years, and my rules of thumb are;

1. You can never have too much lighting. A brightly lit bathroom is a happy bathroom.
2. The most important single item is the shower faucet. In our daily-driver bathroom, we got some awesome faucet where you can adjust the pressure/water flow without changing the temperature, and it's worth every penny.
3. If your shower is separate from the tub, don't go cheap on the shower base. The cheap plastic stuff won't last, so tile it and build it well.
4. Does anyone use a bathtub any more? I'll watch those home shows and fancy bathrooms always have a standalone soaking tub, and I wonder who uses them. Maybe my wife and I are outliers, but we'd much rather have a larger shower space and no tub.
Fire Me Boy! 11:08 AM 02-13-2020
That's exactly what we did. We got rid of the existing tub down to the concrete, replumbed the shower and tiled everything.
Rain Man 11:12 AM 02-13-2020
Originally Posted by Fire Me Boy!:
That's exactly what we did. We got rid of the existing tub down to the concrete, replumbed the shower and tiled everything.
Did you expand the shower to be a big multi-person orgy shower? Our time share place has a really big shower with two different shower heads, and even though I've never taken an actual orgy shower in it, I like the room. I wish we could do that in our house, but the layout doesn't work in our main bathroom, and the other bathroom is all period with a 1920s look and kind of needs the tub to pull it off. (And we never shower in that one anyway.)
Lprechaun 11:21 AM 02-13-2020
Stand alone vanity, if you can ditch the closet do so and use simple but cool looking towel storage. If you keep the double sinks do individual mirrors not one big one. Vynil plank flooring is great in bathrooms and wet areas.
If you can do full frameless glass doors for the shower.
Most of my remodels this is the basics we recommend.
If the shower is a pan and you can do tile on the walls that's a huge bonus for looks.
ChiTown 11:24 AM 02-13-2020
My wife and I are getting ready to interview a few contractors to re-do our Master Bathroom and closet area. That shit ain't cheap, especially when you are as old and worthless as I am at doing anything myself. :-)
KCUnited 11:35 AM 02-13-2020
Currently house shopping, looking mostly at new construction or full remodels. These space eating, freestanding bathtubs seem super popular, at least with one particular builder. They're an absolute deal killer for me though. Give me that space for nearly anything else but a tub.
DJJasonp 11:51 AM 02-13-2020
would love to know what to expect to pay for wainscoting installation......

Have a room that will probably need 300-400 sq feet.
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