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JakeLV 01:44 AM 02-11-2018

Every time I hear Alison Krauss’ Down to the River to Pray, I always feel that much closer to Heaven. Anything you folks listen to that does the same thing?
idrapethat 07:41 AM 01-25-2020
I don't know why, but depressing songs make me feel good. Here's my favorite to make me all tingly, from my favorite album ever.

Mennonite 07:55 AM 01-25-2020
Only clicked on this thread to see what idrapethat contributed.
Mennonite 09:09 AM 01-25-2020
It's difficult to find videos for the exact versions of these songs I'm looking for so I'll just list title and artist. A lot of stuff has disappeared off YouTube over the years

Doc Watson - Amazing Grace (solo, live, not the one on Youtube)
Judy Collins - Amazing Grace
The Blue Sky Boys - Amazing Grace

Farther Along - The Byrds

Going Up Home - Larry Sparks and Ralph Stanley

Angel Band - The Stanley Brothers

Rank Strangers to Me - The Stanley Brothers (not sure if it's a gospel song)

Am I Born to Die - Doc Watson

In the Garden - Johnny Cash

Family Bible - Willie Nelson & Johnny Cash (VH1 Storytellers)

I'll Fly Away - The reverend Gary Davis

Just a Closer Walk with Thee - Mahalia Jackson

Peace in the Valley - The Soul Stirrers
The Hem of His Garment - The Soul Stirrers

Rivers of Babylon - The Melodians.

I Saw the Light - Hank Williams
Mennonite 09:27 AM 01-25-2020
Like Jesus, this thread returned from the dead. I didn't realize that I'd already posted in it (with many of the same suggestions.) My bad.

Easy 6 01:59 PM 01-25-2020
This little number ALWAYS gets me up off the couch doing my very best DLR impersonation, its a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart...

Shiver Me Timbers 06:05 PM 01-25-2020
Triumph Fight The Good Fight
And for you KC Peeps who remember the 80's
Shooting Star
Hang on For Your LIfe and my ultimate go out and kick ass today tune....
For you youngsters and non informed
Do a search. Shooting Star is a KC treasure
JD10367 08:45 PM 01-25-2020
"Turn! Turn! Turn!" (The Byrds)
"Spirit In The Sky" (Norman Greenbaum)
srvy 08:51 PM 01-25-2020

srvy 09:19 PM 01-25-2020

srvy 09:35 PM 01-25-2020

listopencil 03:39 AM 01-26-2020
Here you go:
Nzoner 06:12 AM 01-26-2020
This one for me just shouts Freedom,a great pick me up and get me focused again song.

Baby Lee 07:24 AM 01-26-2020
Almost forgot that this is perfect for this thread. After a long wait, this finally came out on film last year. If you haven't had a chance to see this documentary yet, or certainly if you've never even heard the album that came from the footage, you owe yourself an evening of bliss. . .

Story behind the performance, album, and eventual doc.
Hog Rider 07:49 AM 01-26-2020
Jennifer Nettles: Little Drummer Boy and Oh Holy Night.
Hog Rider 07:50 AM 01-26-2020
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