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TwistedChief 11:39 AM 03-14-2019
I've admittedly never cared for a second of my life about Formula 1 racing or Nascar or anything remotely like that. But I'm halfway through this series and it's really been eye-opening. I really like the personalities, the rivalries, etc and I think when it's over I might be a lifelong Formula 1 fan. Is that okay? Should I seek professional help? Has anyone else watched this?
Baby Lee 11:48 AM 03-14-2019
And you don't even get the Ferrari/Mercedes drama.
frozenchief 02:36 PM 03-14-2019
I've been interested in Formula 1 but it doesn't get too much attention in the US so it's been hard to follow. Watch the documentary 'Senna' about Ayrton Senna. Great movie.

And I've been watching that series on Netflix with my son. The Australian GP is this weekend. It'll be aired in the middle of the night for most of the country but 9:00 p.m. in my time zone. I think I'll watch it. That series has made F1 really interesting. I want to see how Ricciardo does for Renault and I hope Haas does well this year.