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keg in kc 05:43 PM 01-17-2015
Figure this would have a better chance of surviving in the Media Center than on the main page, and I'll be adding youtube and podcast links from time to time as I come across them, so it fits.

This has been something that's interested me from a very young age, all aspects of mysterious stuff, whether we're talking forgotten or forbidden archeology or civilization (Atlantis, pre-colombian exploration of america, etc), unexplained events (like Tunguska in 1908, the lost Roanoke Island colony, etc), paranormal events like ghosts, the study of ESP and that sort of thing, conspiracy (ranging from JFK to stuff like the perpetration of the drug war and the infilitration of the media by US intelligence) and, of course, UFOs (which to me means "unexplained" not "extraterrestrial" but that's a whole other topic).

Anything could show up, and everybody should feel free to add whatever they like. Just try to keep it as civil and respectful as possible. This is not intended to be a DC thread; it's as much for entertainment purposes as it is to solve all the world's mysteries.

**Although if anybody posts anything from Third Phase of Moon they should probably expect me to kick them in the balls.**

Few things I like to watch or listen to in no particular order (most of this can be found on itunes as well...):

The Paracast
Binall of America
The Gralian Report
The Paranormal Report
Dark City
Radio Misterioso
Open Minds (mostly their podcast)

That's it for now, just wanted to get this started. Been thinking about doing it for a while...
Megatron96 04:32 PM 09-15-2020
Originally Posted by Bowser:
Didn't watch the whole video clip, but those look like standard nav lights blinking away on that thing.
Dayze 10:53 AM 09-17-2020
UFO's are so smart they use standard FAA lighting.

or maybe the blinking red light was tied into the earths' magnetic field and was sending signals back to space!

I was intrigued at first; then after a good look, I'm like.."you can literally see "Goodyear" written on it". looks like the text lighting the blimp uses was AFU
BigCatDaddy 11:05 AM 09-17-2020
Pretty sure that read "Ice Cubes a pimp".
Bowser 07:34 PM 10-06-2020

eDave 12:22 AM 10-07-2020
My lighter has vanished into thin air. No way it's not around here, but it's not.
Cheater5 07:33 AM 10-07-2020

My favorite book as a kid was 'Mysteries of the Unexplained' which contained most of the well known strange tales (like Flight 19), and many smaller anecdotes throughout history. I checked it out from Southwest High School library (65th and Wornall Road) back in 1982, and I still have it. I am a sucker for those dumb shows on Travel Channel, and it's my guilty pleasure.

*No, I did not attend SW H.S. but I lived in that neighborhood.
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