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View Poll Results: Do you sit Mahomes or let him go for the record?
Sit him. Fuck the record. 18 23.08%
Let him play for the first half and throw 2 TDs to own the record. 60 76.92%
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The Lounge>Hypothetical: Mahomes, HFA and the TD record
The Franchise 03:29 PM 12-06-2018
Here's the scenario.

Chiefs have won out and are 13-2 heading into the Week 17 game against the Arrowhead. We've locked up the #1 seed and HFA. Mahomes is sitting at 54 TDs for the season.....two away from breaking Manning's single season record of 55 TDs.

Would you want Mahomes out there to throw 2 TDs in the first half of the game? Or do you say fuck the record and sit him the entire game?
Flying High D 04:26 PM 12-06-2018
In for Lombardi records.
WhiteWhale 04:54 PM 12-06-2018
I'll think about it when we have the option.

As of now the Patriots are right on KC's heels and they can't afford to lose even one game.
CaliforniaChief 05:02 PM 12-06-2018
I'd be more apt to play him not only for the record but also because ours is a rhythm offense, and more than 1 week off could throw off their timing.

Just use extra protection on most of the snaps.
Reerun_KC 05:03 PM 12-06-2018
Don’t care. Those are meaningless fans stats.

Winning home playoff games and Super Bowls are way more important.
Rain Man 05:04 PM 12-06-2018
Originally Posted by mr. tegu:
I want him playing regardless of the record. Three weeks between games is too many.
Yeah, this. The question about the record is irrelevant in this situation.

But I don't want to count dinosaurs before they're hatched. We have to fend off the cheating Patriots and the homeless Chargers first.
chiefzilla1501 05:08 PM 12-06-2018
Originally Posted by
If you send him out there, I wouldn't do anything more than a three step drop and get the ball out quickly.
That would be my thoughts too. Lots of handoffs and screens. I don't mind sitting receivers. But there are ways to keep the QB protected out there. Dial it up a bit in the red zone to get him some TD looks. I've never liked the way Peyton Manning has looked when he's had way too much time off. If the record is on the line, his teammates (even the backups) will work their ass off to get him his touches.
Chiefs=Good 05:16 PM 12-06-2018
I would lean toward sitting him. But maybe you bring him out to throw some of those Wr reverse forward tosses in the redzone like in week 1 or something. Guys a gamer and I dont think he can switch it off. It would be the stupidest shit imaginable if he was to Jimmy G himself.
Halfcan 05:24 PM 12-06-2018
You can't let the Faders beat us at home no matter if we have it wrapped up or not. Just on principle, you have to give those cheating bitches a beat down for the fans. Mahomes setting the TD record against them would be sweet.

You don't go into the playoffs with a loss to the Faders hanging over you. Bad Karma.
Easy 6 05:25 PM 12-06-2018
One side of me says sit him, how stupid would everyone feel if he were injured in pursuit of the record?

He is gonna be great for a long time, and have plenty of chances at it

The other side of me says, theres no guarantee he ever gets this close to the record again, defenses will continually adjust to Patrick, as well as the new pass happy rules

Place him among the best to ever play now, while its well within sight


In the end, I let him go out there and play... he was born to do this, trust him
Couch-Potato 05:30 PM 12-06-2018
Yes, go for the TDs. Superbowl is still several games away, TD record is right there for the taking. Would rather come off the year as GM with some good pub, than potentially get knocked out and have to answer Kareem Hunt & Marcus Peters questions.
CoMoChief 05:30 PM 12-06-2018
As a fan I say fuck the record.

As a coach I'd leave it up to Mahomes
rico 05:33 PM 12-06-2018
Get that fucking record. Put your name in the earned the individual Escalades!!!
RunKC 05:34 PM 12-06-2018
Shit I think Mahomes would throw 2 TD’s in the first quarter. I would definitely play him.
dlphg9 05:45 PM 12-06-2018
Originally Posted by WhiteWhale:
I'll think about it when we have the option.

As of now the Patriots are right on KC's heels and they can't afford to lose even one game.
This right here!

If we as fans think ahead we might lose! Fuckin retard
Detoxing 06:27 PM 12-06-2018
Play him.

Dude deserves to finish out the greatest season in NFL history.

To rob him of that would be wrong.
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