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Direckshun 04:44 PM 11-05-2018
So, our defensive end position is at risk of becoming a trainwreck this upcoming offseason.

Here's the run down:

Chris Jones is under contract. That's it.

We only have two other DEs on the team. Allen Bailey, and Jarvis Jenkins. (We do play Xavier Williams there some.)

Assuming we are not calling Xavier Williams a defensive end, what exactly do we do?

Do we let Allen Bailey walk? Do we let them both walk?

For the record, we do have a rookie -- Joey Ivey -- on the practice squad, who will also be a FA.

Fortunately, the free agency for 3-4 DEs is jacked.

Here is a list of the free agent 3-4 DEs:

According to Bleacher Report (I know...), these 2019 free agents were ranked as the 40 best DEs in the NFL in 2017.

(Chris Jones was #3, by the way.)
Shelby Harris (Broncos) was #4 -- restricted free agent
Allen Bailey was #13
Ethan Westbrooks (Rams) was #14
Carl Davis (Ravens) was #19
Tyson Alualu (Steelers) was #20
Henry Anderson (Colts) was #22 -- keep an eye out for former Colts, due to the Ballard-Veach connection
Zach Kerr (Broncos) was #24
Joel Heath (Texans) was #25
Josh Mauro (Giants) was #26
Brent Urban (Ravens) was #27
Morgan Fox (Rams) was #28
Muhammad Wilkerson (Jets) was #30 -- and has the Sutton connection from the Jets
Jarvis Jenkins was #38.

It's also a defense-rich draft.

kccrow 06:16 PM 11-09-2018
BTW, I'd actually be more inclined to put Speaks at 3-tech and Jones at 5-tech, similar to what the Ravens did with Chris Canty, in a 4-3 Under alignment with Nnadi at the 1-tech/2i. That length and strength to hold at SDE is critical. Keep your penetrating, quick guy at 3.
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