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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Trump Abandons Syria, Opening Door for Slaughter of Kurdish Allies
Cave Johnson 07:41 AM 10-07-2019
Slightly worse than being stiffed for your work as a contractor on the Trump Taj Mahal.

Money quotes:

“One U.S. commander who helped lead the anti-ISIS effort told Fox News the decision amounts to a propaganda victory for China and Russia, saying those countries can tell would-be U.S. partners that America will abandon them.

“No one will ever partner with us again,” the commander said.

As for Turkey's intentions with the Kurds, the senior military officer said: “They are going to slaughter those cats.”
Prison Bitch 10:34 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by New World Order:
Nothing like making regional governments angry at our country in defense of the almighty Kurds.

We should be neutral to authoritarian governments that keep their people in line (there may be one exception to this rule).

Have we learned nothing from Iraq? Just look at the results from Obama's asinine plan in Syria.
Do you think “The Kurds” give a shit about you or your family?
RodeoPants2 11:19 PM Yesterday

It's easier to understand Trump's view on the Kurds if you assume he genuinely cannot understand why you would ever want to help anyone else unless that person has something you need right now.

— Orin Kerr (@OrinKerr) October 14, 2019

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