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The Lounge>**The Official Houston Texans at World Champion Kansas City Chiefs Game Day Thread**
Jewish Rabbi 11:04 PM 09-09-2020
Back to back starts now bitches!!!

Beautiful tribute by Twisted Chief:

Originally Posted by TwistedChief:
If I had started the thread, this is hypothetically how it would've gone:

****The OFFICIAL Texans @ Chiefs Super-Bowl-Banner-Raising Game Thread****

We won the Super Bowl. God punished us with a pandemic.

We won the Super Bowl. God punished us with division that we’ve never seen before in this country.

We won the Super Bowl. WE. WON. THE. SUPER. BOWL.

We may have our differences on this board. We may come from different walks of life. We may have different opinions. We may value different things.

But guys, we are ALL Chiefs fans. And we’ve lived through ‘Because Chiefs…’ long enough for pandemics and civil unrest to seem like child’s play.

Our hands are calloused and our hearts are overflowing generously. But we’re together. And we’re all brothers in this crazy world that is ChiefsPlanet. And I will repeat what I said after the Super Bowl: I love all of you.

Let’s forget all the rest of the noise and enjoy this special championship defense. TOGETHER.

The dynasty begins here. Strap in and enjoy yourselves, gentlemen. The ride is going to be magnificent.




P.S. – A special shout out to those immortalized, valued CP members who are no longer with us: Lonewolf Ed, Fire Me Boy!, Logical, Mr. Flopnuts, Saccopoo, BillSelfsTrophyCase, Psyko Tek, Madmax, mikey23545, BigMeatballDave, boogblaster, ChiefJustice, Crazyhorse, Buster’s Dad, and crossbow. You are gone but never forgotten amongst your family here. May the light of Mahomes shine bright on your spirit, gentlemen.

scho63 08:09 PM 09-10-2020

Baby Lee 08:09 PM 09-10-2020
CEH, pure cane sugar, he's the one!!
TwistedChief 08:09 PM 09-10-2020
I no longer miss Kareem Hunt.
RedRaider56 08:09 PM 09-10-2020
What a pretty drive to open the half

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KChiefs1 08:09 PM 09-10-2020
Originally Posted by redhed:
Aw yeahhhhhhh

I like that!

InChiefsHeaven 08:09 PM 09-10-2020
Dude...this is glorious...
St. Patty's Fire 08:10 PM 09-10-2020
This offense is just silly honestly. Like what even is this
ChiefsCountry 08:10 PM 09-10-2020
It's like we added Marshal Faulk to this offense.
Dayze 08:10 PM 09-10-2020
That was fucking filthy.

Some Barry Sanders balance and cutting on display.
Misplaced_Chiefs_Fan 08:10 PM 09-10-2020
That cut was just evil!:-)
Kman34 08:10 PM 09-10-2020
Frazod 08:10 PM 09-10-2020
"24-7, Champs."

KCFalcon59 08:10 PM 09-10-2020
Sick cut!!!!!!!
Danguardace 08:10 PM 09-10-2020
Originally Posted by Misplaced_Chiefs_Fan:
That cut was just evil!:-)
Iowanian 08:10 PM 09-10-2020
Heck of a run by 25.

He's going to be a fun addition to this offense
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