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Hammock Parties 10:19 AM 10-16-2020

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Chiefs coach Andy Reid and team general manager Brett Veach are the Notorious B.I.G. and Puff Daddy of the NFL.

Theyíre the head of Bad Boy Football. Canít nobody hold them down. They love giving nasty boys one more chance. They believe in mo players no problems. Reid and Veach are close like Starsky and Hutch and the KC offense hypnotizes me.

Why am I quoting BIG and Puff and analogizing them to the leaders of the defending Super Bowl champions?

Thursday, the Chiefs signed bad boy running back LeíVeon Bell to a one-year contract, and it makes me nervous.

You see, Bell, to me, isnít bad meaning good, heís bad meaning bad. Heís a locker-room cancer. Heís poison. In pursuit of cash, he bulldozed his way out of an ideal situation in Pittsburgh, where on the field he meshed perfectly with Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown. Bell landed in New York, where he flamed out with the Jets after playing in just 19 games. Owing him an additional $6 million, the Jets cut Bell on Tuesday rather than deal with his bad attitude.

In football, you canít have a problem with bad boys. The game is best played by them. But you have to pick the right bad boys, the ones who absolutely love the game. Thatís my gripe with LeíVeon. I donít think he loves the game. He loves the financial windfall the game provides him because heís good at it.

Letís take Chiefs wide receiver Tyreek Hill. He can be classified as a bad boy. Heís had some serious off-the-field issues. You know what motivates him to evolve and do better? His love of the game.

Remember when Andy Reid, as head coach of the Eagles, rescued Michael Vick from a federal prison and turned him back into a playmaker? It worked because Mike Vick loves football. Thatís also the reason Vick turned into a tremendous leader in the Philly locker room.

Bad boys can turn good. One of my all-time favorite people and players is Ravens legend Ray Lewis. Early in his career, Ray was involved in a murder investigation. He pled guilty to a misdemeanor charge of obstructing justice. Ray loved the game and God. He wanted to be regarded as one of the all-time, all-time greats. He leaned into his faith and became arguably the greatest leader in NFL history. Heís right there with Tom Brady in terms of leadership.

I donít have a problem with bad boys. In some respects, I was one myself years ago.

My problem is with unrepentant bad boys. This is why Iím skeptical of my Chiefs tying any part of their success to LeíVeon Bell.

Bell is the kind of running back Suge Knight and Death Row Records would sign. Bell is Tupac Shakur. Dear mama, heís thug4life. He has ambitions as a ridah. Heís all eyez on me. Bell ainít got no muddafreakin friends. Grab your Glock when you see Bell rock. Heís hit Ďem up.

For non-Tupac fans, let me translate what I just said. Bell is going to bring dysfunction to the Chiefs. Heís troublesome. Heís going to make Andy Reid and Brett Veach sing Hail Mary.

I hope Iím wrong. Maybe Bell will be so embarrassed by his New York flameout and so highly motivated to make Adam Gase picture him rolling that heíll be on his best behavior for the remainder of this season.

Clear enough for ya?

Why you Jets look mad?

Yíall supposed to be happy Iím free!

Oh, I forgot. Adam Gase.

That coach had a lot to say when I was in his offense.

My gut says this ends with Andy Reid and LeíVeon Bell riding down the Las Vegas Strip and Reid pretending he had nothing to do with end of LeíVeonís career.

Pants 10:22 AM 10-16-2020
jwhit likes clicks a lot.
wheeler08 10:22 AM 10-16-2020
I mean, he’s probably not wrong. Maybe Jones can keep him in check. Or else he gets a stunner!
Hammock Parties 10:22 AM 10-16-2020

dlphg9 10:26 AM 10-16-2020
Whitlock is becoming even more unreadable than he used to be. He just threw out some accusations and didn't even give one bit of evidence to why he thinks those things. He's a hack.
Superturtle 10:26 AM 10-16-2020
Dunerdr 10:28 AM 10-16-2020
Well that was fucking dumb.
L.A. Chieffan 10:28 AM 10-16-2020
Hey jwhit, if you're reading this, your schtick is weak son. And you can't get this analogy right even. Biggie wasn't driving Pac around in Vegas it was Shug. What the fuck happened to man, your ass used to be beautiful
Hydrae 10:32 AM 10-16-2020
We have a strong enough locker room that I am not worried about Bell acting out. The culture is amazing and he will either fit or he will be out (see Marcus Peters).
Simply Red 10:33 AM 10-16-2020
There has never been a bigger case of someone undeserving of a spot on TV/Radio or in the public spotlight, period. This guy knew a few people who set him up. Very similar to Carrington Harrison with Nick setting him up, although Carrington is laps better than this clown. That's just how bad this guy's message truly is.
AdolfOliverBush 10:34 AM 10-16-2020
The pearl-clutching from Whitlock is pathetic.
Graystoke 10:34 AM 10-16-2020
Bell wants to increase his Brand and Value during this one year contract
I look for him to be a model player
Bearcat 10:35 AM 10-16-2020
Did You Get The Views Did You Get The Clicks GIF from Didyougettheviews GIFs

DaneMcCloud 10:36 AM 10-16-2020
Fuck Whitlock with a rusty crowbar
Simply Red 10:36 AM 10-16-2020
also - all he ever does is doubt the Chiefs, then when they win - he'll show up on the show in Mahomes wig. He may claim the Chiefs still, but none of the fan base can stand this fat mouth-breather.
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