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The Dumbass Lounge>****OFFICIAL Raiders suck thread****
Hammock Parties 02:54 PM 07-26-2019
So much fail in that franchise they need an official thread like the Donkeys.

Let's get it going.

Raiders WR Antonio Brown has been placed on the non-football injury list to begin camp, per source

— Field Yates (@FieldYates) July 26, 2019

RaidersOftheCellar 08:43 PM Today
Originally Posted by backinblack:
I'm a Raiders fan who has long been frustrated with the refs always being against us, and so far this year the tides have seemingly changed, we've gotten several calls in our favor that previously the refs would take glee in ****ing us over with.
I wonít deny that the Raiders got disproportionately bent over by refs for years, but I donít think they had a bunch of playoff-worthy teams that were held down like Raiders fans think.

Itís also hard to deny that the Chiefs routinely got bent over in the playoffs until last year.
BlackOp 09:58 PM Today
Originally Posted by Easy Street:
Wow. Those drugs must be prime out there in KC. Imagine believing the refs/league has ever been on the Raiders side :-). Whatever helps you sleep at night after your fat L.
I see you joined in 2016...and have 13 posts.

Now you are back in 2020.

You are the posterboy for what the NFL is trying to accomplish with this Vegas relocation...

They got you excited in 2016...just like the Nevada politicians. Raiders went back to sucking until the stadium was you are excited again.

It's not a coincidence that the Raiders had a bye scheduled immediately after an early-season game against the Chiefs. It would take too long to explain the reasoning behind it...and why Clete Blakeman was the official.

Kind of amazing that they have a nationally televised game...SNF... after two weeks of celebrating their biggest win in a Vegas against Tom Brady no less...that's some random major marketing luck right there. Al and Chris can wax poetically about how they just beat the defending SB champs...and made the casino millions.
BlackOp 11:18 PM Today
This Sunday Night game is interesting for a number of reason...both the Panthers/Saints have already lost to the Raiders. Tampa losing this game doesn't have much effect in regards to their division. Saints have already lost to the Packers...and the Bucs just beat them. Saints beat the Bucs in week the rematch is already set-up week 9.

Conversely...this is a national prime-time game in their new stadium against tongue-kissing Tom. Assuming KC beats the Donks...they will will risk being behind 2 games in the standings...and 3-3.

Bucs are the better team...just coming off a 38-10 win over the undefeated Packers. It will be a major victory if Vegas out-right wins this game...for the league AND the casinos. The set-up is there...Raiders will have beaten Brees, Mahomes and Brady.

If the Raiders win this game with questionable officiating...well.

We'll see how the NFL wants to play this...fairly called game, Bucs win.
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