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View Poll Results: Do you sit Mahomes or let him go for the record?
Sit him. Fuck the record. 18 23.08%
Let him play for the first half and throw 2 TDs to own the record. 60 76.92%
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The Lounge>Hypothetical: Mahomes, HFA and the TD record
The Pest 03:29 PM 12-06-2018
Here's the scenario.

Chiefs have won out and are 13-2 heading into the Week 17 game against the Arrowhead. We've locked up the #1 seed and HFA. Mahomes is sitting at 54 TDs for the season.....two away from breaking Manning's single season record of 55 TDs.

Would you want Mahomes out there to throw 2 TDs in the first half of the game? Or do you say fuck the record and sit him the entire game?
Flachief58 06:17 AM 12-07-2018
Play the starters the first half. Not for the record but to keep them dialed in for the Superbowl run.
redhed 09:19 AM 12-07-2018
I'm going to that game, so I'd like to see him play, esp. if we are the #1 seed. 2 weeks off doesn't sit well with me.
Best22 10:48 AM 12-07-2018
Originally Posted by suzzer99:
NE only has to lose at Pittsburgh and we have a one game cushion on them.

Not sure about tiebreakers vs. Houston in that scenario if they win the next three. I think Texans lose at Eagles. They could lose to the Colts at home this weekend.

Don't see them losing at Jets or to the suddenly pathetic Jags.
I forgot New England already has 3 losses
Graystoke 03:01 PM 12-07-2018
Let the kid decide
Graystoke 03:02 PM 12-07-2018
DAM my avatar is sexy in this black skin
DJ's left nut 03:04 PM 12-07-2018
Wouldn't sit him for the game with or without the record consideration.

If we have a bye locked up and you sit him, that's 2 weeks without game action and that's just too long for a kid that isn't going to have any familiarity with playoff football anyway.

Try to keep things as 'normal' as possible. I'd consider playing him the full game depending on how the Raiders rush is getting home. If they're not putting pressure on him, I wouldn't take him out at all.

EDIT: Everyone has already said this. I'll see myself out.
[Reply] 03:52 PM 12-07-2018
Man I mean, I guess.

But if he gets rolled up on or something, Andy will get murdered
KC Tattoo 04:27 PM 12-07-2018
Originally Posted by MAHOMO 4 LIFE!:

That's kinda an insult to Mahomes. Mahomes > Montana
Rain Man 05:06 PM 12-07-2018
Originally Posted by Graystoke:
DAM my avatar is sexy in this black skin
I'm not sure what your sentence means, but if I had to offer my top five of my favorite artists of all time, it would be:

1. Boris Vallejo
2. Vincent Van Gogh
3. Whoever did those 1950s pinup calendar drawings.
4. Camille Pissaro
5. Claude Monet
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