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Hall of Classics>***OFFICIAL Kansas City Royals Vs. Oakland A's Post Season Wild Card Thread 9/30***
gblowfish 11:01 PM 09-29-2014
Let me start by saying,
I ****ING hate Oakland.
I especially despise the Oakland Raiders, Oakland Fans, and today I especially despise their weak ass, carpetbagging "Oakland "A's" baseball team.
Glad you asked.
I'll tell you why:
Because I'm old enough to remember what happened here, and what has been stolen from us as a city.

Let me tell you a story from a long time ago:

Big Smoke 08:57 PM 09-30-2014
Get hit by a bus Sogard.
PHOG 08:57 PM 09-30-2014
Originally Posted by ChiefsCountry:
Hosmer needs to develop into that power. He is close to the age its time to shut up or put up with the bat.
Hosmer is done, like last year, just like Mouse.. it's failed.
Great Expectations 08:57 PM 09-30-2014
Originally Posted by penbook:
Yost literally cost is the game.

He should get fired but instead he will probably be rewarded with a extension who knows maybe even a street named after him in getting the royals to the playoffs in 29 years
Yost didn't put the team in the best position to win.

Yost didn't call ball 4, instead of strike 3 to the last pitcher Shields faced and Ventura could've struck the dudes out. That said Ned deviated from the game plan that got us here, showed panic to the players by doing so and needs to be replaced. He panicked repeatedly at the end and proved all the doubters right.
Reaper16 08:58 PM 09-30-2014
There's no curse. A curse is just a story we tell ourselves because it is easier to blame than the various small, human failures that make up a franchise like this.
RollChiefsRoll 08:58 PM 09-30-2014
Zo has been money.
chiefsfan987 08:58 PM 09-30-2014
need another hit and then a homer
ROYC75 08:58 PM 09-30-2014
Originally Posted by Nzoner:
They better acquire a ****ing manager too!
Gardenshire would be a better option than Yost!
Big Smoke 08:58 PM 09-30-2014
We have a little life left. Maybe just a little.
stonedstooge 08:58 PM 09-30-2014
Eureka 08:58 PM 09-30-2014
Game ain't even over yet! Go A's
kevonm 08:58 PM 09-30-2014
Weird. They aren't pulling Lester. What would Ned Yost do
journeyscarab 08:58 PM 09-30-2014
Not dead yet. Rally caps!
carcosa 08:58 PM 09-30-2014
teedubya 08:59 PM 09-30-2014
Horrible, yet typical #yosted managerial bullshit.
SAUTO 08:59 PM 09-30-2014
Originally Posted by Tuckdaddy:
It's true. A one game playoff is only to break a tie.
We didn't tie
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