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The Lounge>Sammy Watkins will play 15 regular season games
BWillie 05:30 PM 08-16-2019
Sammy Watkins will play 15 regular season games. I will put my money where my mouth is. $50, straight up with anyone who wants the bet. I win, you pay me $50. You win, I pay you $50. Tired of everybody dogging my boy Sammy and mocking him for his weird twitter cult quotes.

Sure, he may end up being in some strange Heavens Gate cult someday, but he can play football. And he seems to give it all he has.

Keep ****ing doubting the S-WAT.

*games that he is suspended do not count against me
*games that Chiefs sit him for rest because they are 16 and ****ing 0 or something do not count against me

He will not get injured, or at least enough to miss more than one regular season game. He seemed to be pretty durable in college, he's just been unlucky. Unlucky I say.
Easy 6 04:52 PM 10-16-2019
Originally Posted by rprevost85:
Dude is made of glass. Its super frustrating because when he is healthy he's incredible....but again he seems to be hurt/hobbled more than he is healthy. Time to cut ties after this year.
Yup, one of the greatest talents any player can have is availability

Good as he can be when healthy, dudes just eating money and a roster spot in the trainers room
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