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Hammock Parties 02:45 PM 10-09-2019
From our cold, dead hands. Our fanbase will start chops on their own if they have to. We don't need music.

The Atlanta Braves will not pass out foam tomahawks at today's game and will "reduce the Tomahawk Chop" after complaints by a Cardinals player claiming the tradition is offensive - WSBTV

— Breaking911 (@Breaking911) October 9, 2019

YontsRBake 12:14 AM 10-11-2019
Even if you buy into cancel culture, I don't see how the chop would be on the non-PC side or insulting, seems like the opposite and it's actually paying homage to Native American culture.

The Indians logo and Redskins name I can actually see the argument against.
Mennonite 06:29 AM 10-11-2019
Those foam tomahawks are made in China, so it should be all good, right?

Wokeness ends where Chinese money begins.
DaKCMan AP 07:54 AM 10-11-2019
Originally Posted by TwistedChief:
I fucking hate the chop. Itís more Florida State to me than it ever is anything Chiefs-related. I refuse to do it and hope we can trade it back for that Gary Glitter song.
bhedges1987 08:04 AM 10-11-2019
The chop would be a lot cooler if the idiots in the crowd could do it in unison. Looks pathetic on TV tbh
BWillie 09:28 AM 10-11-2019
Originally Posted by Direckshun:
Folks, if you're mad about PC culture, but you're also demanding that black people stand for the national anthem because it's politically incorrect to do so...'re part of PC culture.
Nobody has to do anything. You have a right to be offended. I have a right not to give a shit and keep on keeping on.

Personally, I don't care at all about the National Anthem thing. No fucks. National Anthem is the time for me to go get another beer or take a shit before the game. But should you really be protesting while on the clock? Probably should do that on your own time.
BWillie 09:34 AM 10-11-2019
Originally Posted by kysirsoze:
I must have missed the chapter in history class where Vikings were the subject of genocide and had their culture eradicated by the very country that now makes use of a stereotyped version of it. I mean you can say people are being oversensitive and the chop is fine, but this "white people get it too!" take is just worthless.

I'll do the chop now and then, but if it goes I won't miss it. More because it's an FSU chant than anything else.
Why does it matter if an indigenous group of people WERE subject of genocide or not when the entire idea to begin with was to champion their culture? Nobody named the team the Chiefs or Indians to mock them. They did it because they respected it. Why would you name your team after something you didn't like or respect?
KChiefs1 09:43 AM 10-11-2019
Originally Posted by Mile High Mania:
We live in a world where red hats and the 'ok sign' are racist acts. There's a small minority of people that are likely very offended with mascots being named after indian references.

It doesn't matter what you feel you are doing, it only matters if it upsets someone... and can they raise enough noise to shame you into quitting or hurt your revenue enough, forcing you to stop.

Hold it! The OK sign is racist???????
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