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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>2018 Annual Saccopoo Mock Draft Signup and Team thread
The Franchise 10:45 AM 02-21-2018
I'll need someone to run it again this year. I can help edit the thread and keep it up to date but I won't be participating in it.

Marco Polo
Titty Meat

Top 16
Browns - kccrow
Giants - Titty Meat
Colts - Sfeihc
Texans - ChiefAshhole1056
Broncos - Marco Polo
Jets - MotherfuckerJones
Bucs - chiefscafan
Bears - Hoover
49ers - staylor26
Raiders - Direckshun
Dolphins - CoMoChief
Bengals - TambaBerry
Redskins - saphojunkie
Packers - SNR
Cardinals - BossChief
Ravens - pugsnotdrugs19

Bottom 16
Chargers - Direckshun
Seahawks - BossChief
Cowboys - ChiefAshhole1056
Lions - TambaBerry
Bills - SNR
Chiefs - Hoover
Rams - chiefscafan
Panthers - MotherfuckerJones
Titans - pugsnotdrugs19
Falcons - Marco Polo
Saints - CoMoChief
Steelers - Titty Meat
Jaguars - staylor26
Vikings - Sfeihc
Patriots - kccrow
Eagles - saphojunkie
[Reply] 08:52 AM 03-12-2018
Originally Posted by Pestilence:
Are you in or out?

Iím replacing three people right now. Let me know.
If you're short on people I can do it, but I'd prefer not to. I hate to be the hold up.
The Franchise 09:32 AM 03-12-2018
Originally Posted by
If you're short on people I can do it, but I'd prefer not to. I hate to be the hold up.
Alright....looks like I'll replace you.
The Franchise 05:20 PM 03-12-2018
Alright. We've got our 16 owners. Pick a team in the top 16 of the draft and a team in the bottom 16 of the draft.

As far as I know....Hoover gets the Chiefs this year unless someone can show me otherwise.

Don't bitch if someone took your team that you've had before. If you want to work it out with them....go right ahead.
Titty Meat 05:22 PM 03-12-2018
Giants and Steelers
RealSNR 05:23 PM 03-12-2018
I get the Packers.

And fuck it. Give me the Bills. Makes up for last year when I had no fucking picks.
staylor26 05:24 PM 03-12-2018
I’ll take the 49ers and Jags

TambaBerry 06:07 PM 03-12-2018
Bengals, Lions
RealSNR 06:11 PM 03-12-2018
Let's start this shit up next week? Monday March 19th? Earlier? Later?
MotherfuckerJones 06:21 PM 03-12-2018
Canít wait
MotherfuckerJones 07:10 PM 03-12-2018
I’ll take the Jets and Panthers
kccrow 08:04 PM 03-12-2018
Fuck it, top and bottom... Browns Patriots
Hoover 09:10 PM 03-12-2018
Iíll take the Bears too
Sfeihc 09:22 PM 03-12-2018
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Sfeihc 09:25 PM 03-12-2018
Colts & Vikings, please.

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pugsnotdrugs19 10:13 PM 03-12-2018
Ravens, Titans
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