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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Criticizing the Coastal Elite Class = Anti-semitism
Discuss Thrower 11:00 AM 07-20-2019
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Throughout the speech which can be read in full here Hawley frames his vision of America primarily as a contrast to the cosmopolitans, those who seek "economic globalizing [and] social liberationism," those university elites and businesses leaders who prioritize "social change over tradition, career over community, and achievement and merit and progress."

Granted, the word "cosmopolitan" isn't exactly without baggage when Trump adviser Stephen Miller ascribed "cosmopolitan bias" to CNN reporter Jim Acosta in 2017, Politico contributor Jeff Greenfield jumped to note that the term had been put to use (often in anti-Semitic ways) by Josef Stalin during the Soviet dictator's purge of dissident artists in the 1940s. What made someone cosmopolitan? For Stalin, it was the artists with "bourgeois Western influences" whose works derided "the positive Soviet hero... as inferior before all things foreign and cosmopolitanism."
Prison Bitch 11:11 AM 07-20-2019
Just look at the kucks on this very board: always screaming at me for “anti Semitism” too. And I’m part Jewish ffs

I dream of a day when folks on both sides of the aisle react with as much anger for white hatred as they do for Jewish criticism.