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Tribal Warfare 12:40 PM 04-06-2019

It was recently revealed in an ESPN article that Notre Dame defensive tackle Jerry Tillery played the final eight games of the college football season with a torn labrum in his right shoulder. His mother wanted him to sit out the semifinal game against Clemson and deal with his injury, but Tillery continued to fight through injury and played through it. Thatís a mentality NFL teams will certainly like.

Tillery went on to complete combine testing before he had surgery to clean up the labrum tear. Itís safe to say that betting on himself paid off in because he tested quite well at the combine. Lately heís been viewed as a riser among media types, but itís unclear how the NFL actually views Tillery.

He had his surgery on March 6th. The surgery isnít significant and carries a recovery time of three to four months. That could cause Tillery to miss rookie camp and OTAís, but heíll likely be ready by mandatory minicamp if all goes well in recovery.

Some teams will see a rookie missing those early offseason workout sessions, and theyíll be concerned with how much the player will be able to contribute early on in 2019. Those sessions are crucial for a rookie picking up a playbook, and getting a grasp of the NFL game.

That alone could certainly push Tillery down a bit from where he might previously be projected in the draft. As a borderline first round player, he could end up as a solid target in the second round of the draft for a team like the Chiefs who are hunting for bargains on the defensive side of the ball.
staylor26 12:42 PM 04-06-2019
Not a big deal.

I’d still take him at 29 if he’s BPA.
ntexascardfan 12:52 PM 04-06-2019
Dude put up 23 reps with a bum shoulder.
Chief Northman 02:26 PM 04-06-2019
This should answer any character questions that have surrounded Tillery - good on him.

Shoulders are a bitch though. While the recovery time is not lengthy, there is always recurring issues of weakness and range of motion to contend with. Both my shoulders are fucked. Injured them weightlifting in my early 20’s. I opted for no surgeries but a lot of intense physio/rehab instead. I am pain free and have been for some time, but have a strength/flexibility/range of motion threshold I will never come close to again.
OKchiefs 08:02 PM 04-06-2019
Originally Posted by ntexascardfan:
Dude put up 23 reps with a bum shoulder.
Once a torn labrum is rehabbed you can generally return to lifting like normal. The issue is the arm is unstable and susceptible to further injury or dislocation from high impact activities like football.
Hog's Gone Fishin 03:30 AM 04-14-2019
Better than a torn labia. If he had a torn labia I'd scratch him off my board.