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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Players I'd realistically be content with in the first round
Iconic 07:13 PM 04-11-2019
In order:

1. Clelin Ferrell, DL - The guy on every Chiefs board and you can imagine why. Length, power, and a great get-off this guy is the complete package. Always in oponents backfields racking up 19.5 tackles for loss in 2018, and 11.5 sacks this past season. If there was ever a guy hand crafted for this defense, it's him. Only knocks are playing on a stacked Clemson line and not partaking in some metric tests but who gives a shit.

2. Jeffery Simmons, DL - Even with the ACL injury and altercation caught on tape I would still draft Simmons without as much of a flinch. He's just that good, right up there with the likes of Bosa, Q, and Oliver. Just ridiculously disruptive and would give us a Suh/Donald like pairing with Chris Jones.

3. Hakeem Butler, WR - It is criminal that D.K Metcalf is being talked ahead of this kid. Absolutely disrespectful. Big, tall, 6 ft 5 and with the ankle flexion and quickness of smaller WRs this guy is going to make an IMMEDIATE impact on any team. I would not be surprised at all, in fact I expect, that he will crack 1,000 yards receiving if drafted to the right team. Let's hope it's us.

4. Greedy Williams, CB - Shades of Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, yum. This is your - matter fact it's the LEAGUES - future lock down corner right here. Unlike Murphy he's more upside based which means there is a slight bust potential. But it's worth it. He's ahead of Murphy for me primarily because at max potential this kid can do everything. Press man? Off zone? There isn't any shortcoming this guy can't overcome. It's all mental for him and you're drafting him specifically with the idea you can coach the right traits into him. Also a message to the detractors - stop comparing him to Marcus Peters. Outside of tackling issues they are absolutely nothing alike. There games are different.

5. Chauncey Gardner-Johnson, FS - Jack of all trades and master of... everything? A converted corner with excellent versatility this guy can play free safety, strong safety, nickel corner, money backer and do it all at a very high level. Proven production through four years at Florida and a leader on that defense you simply can't go wrong drafting CGJ. You want a guy who can take over for Mathieu when we cut him in 2021? This is your man.

6. A.J. Brown, WR - Amazing route runner that is built to be a big slot. Extremely physical after the catch that's always looking for contact, think of him as a speedy Anquan Boldin. This guy could be a menace in this offense with the screens Andy likes to run. Just love what he brings to the table and could see him being a great Sammy replacement.

7. Andre Dillard, OT - It's no secret I hate Fisher. So I would pick this guy up with the idea that we move on from Fisher in a year. He's the best pass blocker in the draft IMO but what excites me even more is he's not just a fat piece of shit, he's athletic. Major concerns with him are his run blocking, after all he is from Washington, but that's why you pick him now. Let him sit for the year, coach him up, and let him **** shit up for years to come afterwards.

8. Garrett Bradbury, C - Yeah there's not much to say on this that hasn't already been said. Just the perfect prospect for a zone blocking scheme this guy is the best center in the draft, no questions asked. And we happen to have a giant ****ing hole in that spot so... team need meets BPA?

9. Jerry Tillery, DL - Huge, long interior rusher with elite athleticism. I watched the Stanford game and fell in love. He has incredible high upside and IMO the frame to bulk up 15 pounds making him more versatile. Issue with him is obvious, you're taking him not as a finished product but as a developmental one. He's not going to come in and be a 3-down lineman but with time and effort he'll be an anchor against the run. Some may disagree but I get a Chris Jones vibe from him on tape.

10. Cody Ford, G - I really wanted to put Risner here but there's just too many things going against him. Instead I go with Ford the big gigantic mauler. He has the size at 329 pounds, the power, and surprisingly rare athleticism for a guy with his mass. He's had experience playing both guard and tackle making him very versatile. There's tons of technical flaws in his game primarily because he's only had 7 starts at guard. But to me all that means is we are just scratching the surface of his potential. High effort, loads of explosion, and tons of nastiness this guy is going to be a future all-pro wherever he winds up.

11. Christian Wilkins, DL - Why is Wilkins lower than Tillery? Technique will only get you so far. His metrics aren't as elite, that isn't to say he's a bad athlete, he just doesn't have much room for growth. He can play the pass, play the run. There's really no glaring weakness in his game from a technical aspect but he simply doesn't have much room for improvement. With a very high floor, he has the lowest ceiling of the elite top tier lineman in the class. Not a bad pick at all though. Given what he is he's extremely versatile and I'd compare him to Gerald McCoy.

Regarding any critics to offensive selections: I know the detractors will say we have other pressing needs but this class is deep enough to meet them, and I also think sometimes doubling down on what you're good at can be more of an impact.