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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Brit: isis babies will not be brought back home
Msmith 08:54 AM 08-13-2019
"CHILDREN of British ISIS is fighters face being stuck in Syria as the government will not bring them back to the UK.

Sajid Javid made the decision as one of his last acts as Home Secretary before being handed the keys to number 11 by Boris Johnson last month.

He decided it was too risky to send out military or civilians to rescue kids and babies with British citizenship from camps in northern Syria.

The new Chancellor also sought advice about the legal implications of repatriating the British children of jihadis and ISIS brides while in his old job, The Times reports.

Concerns had reverberated around the Home Office that such a move could provide a legal route for parents who have had their citizenship revoked to return under human rights laws.

Not all children born to a mother or father from the UK necessarily hold the right to British citizenship..."

loochy 03:03 PM 08-13-2019
Originally Posted by Over Yonder:
Don't suggest it. Our stupid assed politicians probably would :-)
No. The politicians wouldn't take them. They would suggest that SOME OTHER AMERICAN take them.
Flying High D 03:14 PM 08-13-2019
Ebola Kids Matter.
Flying High D 03:17 PM 08-13-2019
Fuck Britain. ISIS Babies Matter.
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