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View Poll Results: How many self-proclaimed Nazis have you met
Zero 61 78.21%
1-5 12 15.38%
5-10 2 2.56%
10-100 2 2.56%
I have met over 100 1 1.28%
Voters: 78. You may not vote on this poll
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Washington DC and The Holy Land>How many self-proclaimed Nazi/white supremacists have you met in your life?
BIG_DADDY 12:54 PM 08-05-2019
After the whole Gilroy Garlic dealio, watching the media push their whole agenda I started talking about it at work. I am a 56 year old man who has lived in 5 states. I couldnít think of single self-proclaimed Nazi/white supremacists I have ever met. When I talked to others about it at the office turns out they had never met one either. I decided I would ask as many people as possible for one week and see what the results were. The Judo studio, the Jiu-Jitsu studio, the gym and a group of our friends we hung with Saturday night. Zero, was the answer. Not one single person this entire week has ever met anyone who self-identifies as such yet when we turn on the news apparently they are everywhere, you just canít see them, like air molecules. The media makes every shooter a star and divides this country on a 24/7 news feed and then blames Trump for his divisive nature and the shootings. Enemy of the people indeed.
Marcellus 08:15 AM 08-14-2019
Originally Posted by RubberSponge:
Oh no, you're absolutely right. Republicans don't want an unfettered, ever increasing defense budget. Republicans you can bet, the party of freedom. DRUG WAR! WINNING! Republicans, the party of Jesus. Until it comes to feeding the needy. Well that is until a corporation is at the trough to slurp up off the backs of middle class Americans. Republicans, the party of god, guns, and nationalism. Oh let's not forget, no feelings of moral and spiritual superiority, ever.

Democrats aren't no more of a threat to America than Republicans are.
Oh Ok so you are saying we aren't-

A. Winding down in Afghanistan and Iraq RIGHT NOW
B. Legalizing weed all over the ****ing country while drug crimes become less and less severe from a punishment aspect. Trump has done more for prison reform than any Democrat.
C. PLEASE link me to Republican policies against feeding the needy, I cant wait to see that.
D.Nothing but a libtard sounding emotionally based outburst from an "Independent" or whatever it is you call yourself.

Your entire argument sounds based on Liberal talking point nonsense steeped in 1980's politics. Its almost like you aren't actually paying attention to what's happened in this country the last 10-15 years. The right has actually shifted to the left and that's a fact. The party as a whole is very centered. Whats amazing is believing in immigration control somehow now makes people "right wing".

There isn't a current single GoP party specific policy that is a danger to this country, the fact you think there is is laughable. The ONLY argument you could make is for national debt which I agree neither party seems to care about fixing. But we do have a party that is for the equivalent of open borders and free shit for everyone, no danger there right?

And BTW I am registered as "not affiliated". One of us appears to be actually independent while the other is a liberal trying to claim he is an independant.
Marcellus 08:21 AM 08-14-2019
The whole both sides are equally as bad and just as equal to blame argument is about as lazy and nonsensical as it gets. Pure garbage non logic based lazy bullshit.

Its like claiming cancer and chickenpox are basically the same thing and carry the same risks because they are both diseases.
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