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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Jewish Kabbalah/Gematria/Numerology
AJAKEsoterica 10:54 AM 07-10-2019
Some info about kabbalah and gematria which is also an esoteric Jooish practice.

A little introduction;

In 1968... WTC construction began, 9-1-1 was made the national emergency dialing code, George W. Bush graduated from Yale's Skull and Bones 322, Mohamed Atta was allegedly born and Space Odyssey 2001 came out which contained 9/11 predictive programming like the Millennium hotel looking like the monolith in the film (Produced by Joo Stanley Kubrick), and the New York Jets won the Super Bowl. Kubrick passed exactly 666 days before January 1, 2001 — the first day of the year in which his most famous film takes place.

Tisha Bav is 9/11 every year on the Jewish calendar. Tisha Bav is when Jews mourn the destruction of the two temples. Solomons temple fell on 9/11 and Herod's temple fell on 9/11. like the twin towers. It is the saddest day for the Jews. 9/11 kick started the NWO and third temple mission. So many events have happened on Tisha Bav. For example the Romanovs were murdered on Tisha Bav 1918. They were arrested the year before and they were held all that time to the date 7/17/1918 to be executed on the order of Lenin. The Czar stepped down on the ides of march and (((they))) murdered the czar and his family after holding them for exactly 70 weeks. 70 bullets were fired. Second temple was destroyed in 70 AD by the Romans.

Samson destroyed the two pillars (two towers) which killed 3,000 and 3,000+ died on 9/11. The two pillars of freemasonry (Boaz & Jachin) which is jooish mysticism kabbalah. Freemasonry is ran by the very powerful Bnai Brith.

Bin Laden was “killed” on Holocaust memorial 2011 day. Bin Laden was born on 3/10/1957 and we had the demolition work start for the WTC complex on 3/21/1966. The difference between these two dates is 9 years and 11 days.

George H W Bush made his NWO speech on 9/11/1990 exactly 11 years before 9/11. NY the 11th state, flight 11 crashed into the north tower that kick started the event and the towers looked like a giant 11. 11 is a master builder number. You can see many examples if you search for 9/11 predictive programming, a good example is back to the future 9/11 predictive programming, that one is very obvious. (((they))) always reveal their plans before they happen. Brendan O connell is wrong when he says that the joos did 9/11 late. The plan was always 9/11/01 as their ritual dates are set in stone. They plan at least one hundred years in advance. They’re following a script. Look into the Trump predictive programming. He won the election in the early hours of 11/9 or 9/11 which is the date that the Berlin Wall fell lol. Donald Trump predicted the twin towers' demise in his Book "The America We Deserve”. Trump is also a kabbalist.

They put Trump's face on a temple coin with Cyrus the Great who freed the Hebrews after 70 years captivity in Babylon. The second temple which was the last temple that was constructed was destroyed in 70 A.D. The Embassy was moved to Jerusalem on Israel's 70th anniversary. Trump elected at 70 years of age. Trump is Israel's messiah. Trump was inaugurated aged 70 Years, 7 Months and 7 Days (777). 777 the number of chaos in Kabbalah and believe me chaos is coming soon.

George W Bush the first president to have twins.

Notice how similar the European Union building is to the Tower of Babel. This is not a coincidence. check out the EU poster called "Europe Many tongues one language". the pic shows the inverted pentagrams; the rule from below. The crane is showing that it is still a work “in progress”.We can see how (((they))) are trying to create a Babel 2.0. Mixing all of humanity together under one language again, one race, one religion, one sex, all to better control us. All to enslave us.

The ONE dollar bill shows the jooish JWO freemasonry symbolism all over including the star of “david” which is really the seal of Solomon. The two towers became ONE.

Now onto 119 (inverse) which is how the rest of the world writes 9/11.

Larry A Silverstein who signed the WTC lease (7/24/01) a span of 1 month 19 days before 9/11/01.

Usama Bin Laden killed exactly 119 weeks after Obama took office.

The previous title holder for tallest building in the world, the Empire State Building, experienced a similar event when a B-52 Mitchell Bomber from the US Army piloting through heavy fog crashed into the skyscraper on 28 July 1945, causing fourteen deaths. That collision occurred 11 months 9 days before the birth of George W Bush.

The Talmudic kabbalistic (zohar) Jews that follow rabbinical orthodox judaism are obsessed with the number 6 or the "vav". The Holocaust Memorial in Washington, D.C. was designed using multiples of 6. the number 6 is considered a "perfect number." This is because it is easy to use and is the sum of the first three prime numbers: 1+2+3. It is also the multiple of those numbers: 1X2X3. I once asked a half Jewish friend what was up with Judaism and the number 6? She said she didn't know, but would ask. The answer she came back with is the number six is the number for man. In the creation story the world was created in six days and that man was created on the sixth day. God created the world in six days because six is a perfect number and that man was created on the sixth day in God's image because God is also perfect. So, yes. The 6 million number is symbolic of the perfect sacrifice. A holocaust means a burnt offering. It does come from Judaism. Its is a prophecy before their Messiah (moshiach) arrives as we are in the messianic era. Going to war with Iran is also another prophecy that has to be fulfilled. The third temple and THE coming of their messiah go hand in hand. CFR/AIPAC runs the shitshow that we call politics.

6 pointed star
Six day war
supposed 6 death camps

The talmud teaches that when their messiah arrives, he will set up his kingdom in Jerusalem which will enable global rule over the goyim. Every Jew will have 2800 slaves each. See Michael A. Hoffman's excellent works "Judaism Discovered" and "Judaism's Strange Gods" for more. Amazon have banned those books but you can still find the PDF's online.

Serta Mattress commercial from 2010 (Donald, in same suit as November 9, 2016 announcement as President)

Israel recognized as a nation with a 33 member vote to 13, on the 333rd day of the year, November 29, 1947. Very important occult numbers. 33 degrees in scottish rite freemasonry. 13 and 33 is all over the ONE dollar bill. 13 is considered a very sacred and lucky number in Jewish tradition.
SuperBowl4 02:25 PM 07-22-2019
Originally Posted by Eleazar:
I wish there were a DC mod just to clear out the overtly racist trolls. It seems the need for moderator consensus and the the precedent from most DC denizens that they want no moderation in here at all immobilizes them at times. I would be willing to volunteer for the job of DC mod/autocrat though, if anyone is asking :-)
NO. No censorship needed at this time. Thanks for your concern.
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