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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Fact-Checking the Fact-Checkers: Politifact and Snopes
BucEyedPea 01:12 PM 08-13-2019
They Flagged Only 4% of the Fake News Stories From the Mueller Witch Hunt Missed 96% of the Fake News.

Amnorix 01:19 PM 08-13-2019
Who fact checks the fact checkers of the fact checkers?
BucEyedPea 01:25 PM 08-13-2019
Look it up, you lazy mofo.
jd1020 01:49 PM 08-13-2019
A far-right fact check on the far-left fact check found that the far-left was wrong?

Stop the presses!
BucEyedPea 02:17 PM 08-13-2019
Lew Rockwell is independent of the left and the right. It's also pretty well known, for those who aren't in denial that the Mueller witch hunt was based on a fake story and that's what the first post is referring too. So just because GP, scorned as far-right when it is merely conservative, lists out what they got wrong doesn't invalidate it's reporting here. It's actually just more Fake News.

You lefties got nuthin'.

Here's a chart and you can check them out to prove it wrong, but you don't and probably can't.

Prison Bitch 02:27 PM 08-13-2019
They killed their reputations as badly as the Media and the FBI did. I’ll give Chump one credit, he caused a lot of people to destroy themselves in pursuit of him.