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Washington DC and The Holy Land>Kansas State players announce boycott of program in wake of offensive social media po
BigRichard 01:40 PM 06-29-2020
Story from KState, I assumed this would have been posted already. I know I have seen it trending for a couple of days now.

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Kansas State players will not play, practice or meet until a student at the university is dismissed for a tweet posted earlier this week. Several Wildcats players, including sophomore all-purpose receiver Joshua Youngblood, posted an image on Twitter with a statement announcing the boycott on Saturday.

The boycott stems from a tweet posted by Kansas State student Jaden McNeil mocking the death of George Floyd. Floyd's death last month has spawned international protests that call for justice, social equality and an end to police brutality. Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin has been charged with second-degree murder in Floyd's death.

Kansas State released a statement on the boycott on Saturday evening.

"K-State Athletics, along with President [Richard] Myers and University leadership, respect and support our student-athletes in standing up in the fight against racism," the statement read. "At K-State we are a family and we will work together to make our campus community an even better place to call home."

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ghak99 09:13 PM 06-29-2020
Originally Posted by Bob Dole:
Iím not seeing the racism in the tweet. Are drug tests systematically racist now?
That's because you're not a whiny little bitch.
Hammock Parties 09:14 PM 06-29-2020
Originally Posted by Flying High D:
So, can you be counted on to vote blue?
I worked for the libs for 7 years.

I kept quiet. :-)
Flying High D 10:03 PM 06-29-2020
^ Sad, President can’t count on the military, about the only thing he can count on is the DOJ.
Hammock Parties 07:47 AM 07-02-2020

Freedom of speech, bitch.

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On the day Kansas State University announced it would not expel Jaden McNeil for his offensive tweets about George Floyd, the embattled student defended his actions on an online talk show.

“Everyone, not just K-State where I attend, but the entire internet basically, blew up because you’re not allowed to make a joke about St. Floyd,” McNeil told host Scott Greer. “They’re claiming it’s racist, they’re claiming it’s the worst thing you can say.

“The statement in itself isn’t even racist or has anything to do with race. It’s like a common joke made about, like, celebrities who have OD’d on drugs all the time. Not to like back away, it’s not like I’m afraid to talk about race.”

Earlier Wednesday, K-State President Richard Myers said the university would not expel McNeil, whose tweets about Floyd prompted many to urge that he be kicked off campus. Doing so, law experts have said, would likely violate McNeil’s First Amendment rights.

tatorhog 08:06 AM 07-02-2020
KState athletes very rarely make it to the next level. Maybe they should re-evaluate their own status and take advantage of the free tuition and actually spend their time getting an education while on campus, you know, to do something with their lives when the free ride is over.

Throwing some baby tantrum over a drug joke claiming it was racist, and "threatening" to not play doesn't really hurt anyone but themselves. KSU has an endowment over $500mil, so a couple missed football and basketball seasons aren't going to sink the ship.
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