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The Lounge>Sandbox Simulations is open for business! Sign up now!
Rain Man 04:29 PM 02-24-2019
Not available in stores! Buy now! Special price of only $1 for a limited time only. We're up and running!

Go to to sign up. (You can learn more about the game as well.)

For the time being, we set the price to $1, and we can't limit it to just the game testers, so if you're interested, you'll also get the $1 price. Just sign up.

This is a fresh reset, so everyone will have new teams and we'll do a new draft.

Also, please give us any feedback about what you like or don't like, and how we can improve navigation. We've updated all of the systems, so there's a chance that errors are lurking somewhere, but we think we're good to go now. Let us know if something bad happens to you.
cdcox 08:56 PM Yesterday
Originally Posted by lewdog:
Please tell me when we start this again and I need to do something.

Seriously, I need reminders on here and I am sure I am not the only one.
For sure will do. You'll get an email, too.
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