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Dante84 05:22 PM 03-13-2019

Jason Verrett also has visits with Texans, Chiefs

— ProFootballTalk (@ProFootballTalk) March 13, 2019

jonzie04 08:55 PM 03-14-2019
Originally Posted by Titty Meat:
Dude hasnt played much since 2015 :-)
So what? when he does play, he's a pro bowl caliber corner. 3.6m is next to nothing. We signed Tyvon branch for next to nothing as well and got a damn good year out of him. And THEN a compensatory pick.

Best case Scenario for Verrett is to get a good year out of him, he signs somewhere else, and then we get a 3rd round compensatory pick for almost nothing.

Worst case is he gets hurt, and we lost like 2% of out cap space. Boohoo.

Not sure how this is so hard to understand.
Warrick 10:49 PM 03-14-2019
Can Verrett pass a physical?
Sweet Daddy Hate 03:28 AM 03-15-2019
Originally Posted by UChieffyBugger:
I was merely defending an all-pro safety against rabid hounds like you, What the organisation chose to do is neither here nor there with me. We'll see if the hounds get the defense they are wishing for now Eric has gone.

Admit it; you spent an entire day gone from CP so that you could privately weep over the loss of your boo. Be a man, admit your shame.

And what's to see? We've already replaced Berry with a player who is 1000X his replacement, who WANTS to be here, who WANTS to lead, and who WANTS to play. Every game.

Winner = Chiefs.
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