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kccrow 09:58 PM 03-05-2019
My opening thoughts on Round 1...

01 Arizona Cardinals - DT Quinnen Williams, Alabama
02 San Francisco 49ers - DE Nick Bosa, Ohio State
03 New York Jets - WR DK Metcalf, Mississippi
04 Oakland Raiders - DE Clelin Ferrell, Clemson
05 Tampa Bay Buccaneers - OT Jonah Williams, Alabama
06 New York Giants - QB Dwayne Haskins, Ohio State
07 Jacksonville Jaguars - QB Kyler Murray, Oklahoma
08 Detroit Lions - DE Rashan Gary, Michigan
09 Buffalo Bills - WR K'Neal Harry, Arizona State
10 Denver Broncos - QB Drew Lock, Missouri
11 Cincinnati Bengals - LB Devin White, LSU
12 Green Bay Packers - LB Josh Allen, Kentucky
13 Miami Dolphins - DT Ed Oliver, Houston
14 Atlanta Falcons - DE Montez Sweat, Mississippi State
15 Washington Redskins - QB Daniel Jones, Duke
16 Carolina Panthers - OT Greg Little, Mississippi
17 Cleveland Browns - OT Jawaan Taylor, Florida
18 Minnesota Vikings - DT Christian Wilkins, Clemson
19 Tennessee Titans - CB Greedy Williams, LSU
20 Pittsburgh Steelers - CB Byron Murphy, Washington
21 Seattle Seahawks - LB Devin Bush, Michigan
22 Baltimore Ravens - FS Deionte Thompson, Alabama
23 Houston Texans - TE Noah Fant, Iowa
24 Oakland Raiders (f/CHI) - CB DeAndre Baker, Georgia
25 Philadelphia Eagles - CB Amani Oruwariye, Penn State
26 Indianapolis Colts - DT Dexter Lawrence, Clemson
27 Oakland Raiders (f/DAL) - WR A.J. Brown, Mississippi
28 Los Angeles Chargers - DT Jerry Tillery, Notre Dame
29 Kansas City Chiefs - FS Nassir Adderley, Delaware
30 Green Bay Packers - DE Zach Allen, Boston College
31 Los Angeles Rams - LB Jachai Polite, Florida
32 New England Patriots - TE T.J. Hockenson, Iowa
pugsnotdrugs19 10:06 PM 03-05-2019
Hope we trade up for Oruwariye if CB hasn’t been addressed up to this point, but I would love Adderly otherwise.
BryanBusby 10:10 PM 03-05-2019

Couple thoughts.

I don't think the Cardinals are staying at 1, nor would the Raiders pass on Kyler Murray.

Even with workout warrior status, DK Metcalf in the top 3 is a real stretch.

Bucs taking a Guard at 5? idk

I don't see it in Jones. Not even Cutliffe could make him into a consistent passer.

I just don't see Polite and Adderley as first round players.
pugsnotdrugs19 10:11 PM 03-05-2019
Kyler will be #1 tho.
BryanBusby 10:17 PM 03-05-2019
I would feel that if the Cards don't take Kyler at 1 or swap the pick to someone that will, the Jets will absolutely take a suite of draft choices to move out of 3 since they gave up a bit to lock in Darnold last year.

Gruden can't even hide his old man boner over Murray. I think he's a Raider.
kccrow 10:32 PM 03-05-2019
My rebuttals.
1. Cards are not taking Murray at 1. If he goes 1, the Cards have traded down.
2. Williams will play LT in the NFL, not OG, short arms be damned. Lots of good LTs in the NFL with short arms, including one of the best to ever play.
3. A team is going to fall in love with Metcalf's measurables and compare him to Julio Jones. He doesn't have the resume, but the Jets have notably fallen in love.
4. I agree that Polite is a sketch 1st rounder, but a 3-4 team is probably going to see something there similar to Ford coming out.
5. I'm a little mum on Jones, but the Redskins have real interest. We'll see what happens but my guess is if he doesn't go there he doesn't go round 1.
6. I really do believe Gruden will sit pat with his current mascara wearing dimwit and try to put some talent on the field elsewhere. Murray isn't that polarizing of a prospect in my eyes but you never know with the NFL.
kccrow 10:36 PM 03-05-2019
One more, I fully expect quite a bit of movement in the top 6 this year as teams posture for QBs. Cardinals at 1, Jets at 3 are prime candidates. I don't think SF moves unless Bosa goes #1 and even then it's a stretch. They need a pass rusher badly. The Bucs could move off 5 unless they are in that QB hunt but something tells me they give Winston one more crack, he isn't that terrible.
BryanBusby 10:43 PM 03-05-2019
My rebuttals:
1. I agree the Cardinals probably aren't taking Murray at 1, but somebody is.
2. I don't see Left Tackle with Williams at all and the Bucs just gave Donovan Smith a 3 year deal today (lol) -- I think he's going to continue being the LT
3. They're gonna fall in love until they pop in the tape again and realize he's fucked if they have him do basic NFL routes. He'll get overdrafted for sure, but I don't see Top 3.
4. Polite is too fucking nutty. Teams don't want to make that their top pick.
5. Jones is pretty fucking meh
6. Gruden has been knifing Carr to anonymous sources for nearly a year. Derek Carr isn't his QB.
Willie Lanier 10:46 PM 03-05-2019
If I'm the packers GM this would be my dream scenario!

Josh Allen at 12?

I'm not dismissing the possibility, I'm merely stating how amazing that would be for GB...

In regards to Adderly, I like the kid; I wouldn't be the least bit disappointed
htismaqe 10:46 PM 03-05-2019
Does anybody think the Bucs are going to pass on Devin White?
ntexascardfan 10:48 PM 03-05-2019
The Broncos won't take a QB in the first and create a QB controversy before Flacco even takes a rep.
BryanBusby 10:48 PM 03-05-2019
Yeah can definitely see it. I think they would looking to prioritize pass-rushing with either Josh Allen or Ed Oliver.
htismaqe 10:57 PM 03-05-2019
Originally Posted by BryanBusby:
Yeah can definitely see it. I think they would looking to prioritize pass-rushing with either Josh Allen or Ed Oliver.
Josh Allen isn't going to be there though, is he?
RunKC 11:01 PM 03-05-2019
I would be shocked if TJ Hockenson made it past 20. He might even be a top 15 pick.

Garrett Bradbury and Juan Thornhill will be first rd picks.
BryanBusby 11:02 PM 03-05-2019
Originally Posted by htismaqe:
Josh Allen isn't going to be there though, is he?
I'd think they would run the card up if he were.
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