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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Who are your first 3 draft picks...
Mr_Tomahawk 04:16 PM 03-03-2019
No trading up or down. What would you love to see happen? Or take a stab at predicting the first 3.

Id love to see...

1. (29) Nasir Adderley - S Delaware.
2. (29) Devin Singletary - RB Florida Atlantic
2. (31) Tre Lamar - LB Clemson
kccrow 06:43 AM 03-04-2019
Originally Posted by ntexascardfan:
I think you're more bullish on AB than I've seen most anyone else.

Most have him in the 3rd-4th range.
Places I respect have him mid 2nd to early 3rd. My eyeballs tell me he's a 2nd rounder. I don't think you're touching him late 3rd, and especially not in the 4th.
Chief Northman 06:54 PM 03-04-2019
Originally Posted by In58men:
Thanks, can’t wait.
Just for you:

1.29 - Brian Burns - SLB/Edge
2.61 - Deebo Samuel -WR
2.63 - Chauncey Gardner-Johnson - S
Buehler445 08:08 PM 03-04-2019
I'm no good at the draft stuff, but I'm really hoping there is a run on QBs - which there might be - especially if Kyler goes 1-1, and guys get desperate - and some really top level shit makes it down to 29
Hog's Gone Fishin 11:40 PM 03-04-2019
I don't know enough about the individual players to guess but I hope they go:

TE/slot Receiver

New england showed the blueprint to shut down hill so we're going to need moar weapons on the front end so if there's a really good TE at 63
RunKC 09:05 AM 03-07-2019
Need to see how FA plays out first
RealSNR 01:13 PM 03-12-2019
Originally Posted by RunKC:
Need to see how FA plays out first

Billay told me free agency is over and the Chiefs lost. We should just draft with an eye for 2020
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