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Saccopoo Memorial Draft Forum>Someone is going to get a steal w/ Omenihu
ntexascardfan 03:57 PM 03-01-2019
Rashan Gary DE (Michigan): 6 4" 3/8; 277lb; 81 wingspan

Clein Ferrell DE (Clemson): 6 4" 3/8; 264lb, 82 wingspan

Nick Bosa DE (Ohio St): 6 3" 6/8; 266lb; 77 wingspan

Charles Omenihu DE (Texas): 6 5" 3/8; 280lb; 85 wingspan

Dude had to play in a 3/4 defense for the past few years at Texas...but will be a monster in a 4-3. He can play on either side of the line and has surprising burst for someone his size.

If all the top DB's are gone by the end of the first I'd take him. If Speaks doesn't take the next step this year he can fill in...if we let Ford walk after next season he could easily be the pass rushing DE to step up and fill in his space as well.

He's a guy who can stay on the field regardless of whether we are in our base or sub packages.
kccrow 07:39 PM 03-13-2019
Originally Posted by ntexascardfan:
If you don't think Omenihu can't drop back into zone you didn't watch much of his film.

Todd Orlando would often drop his DE's back into zones and bring LB's and safeties in on's actually a staple of his scheme.
I'll watch a couple more games but if he looks as slow and prodding as he did in the other 5 I'm probably not much for being on board aside from maybe a 3rd round pick as a LDE where he can use his power to hold the edge much like Eric Hicks of old.
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